Hair Regimen For Hair Loss


There are some underlying conditions that even a good hair regimen cannot treat, thus, with that in mind, this hair regimen is really a best practice list in the case of hair loss. If you find that after reading the articles Types of Hair Loss and Causes of Hair Loss you are no nearer to finding an answer for your hair loss issue, I strongly recommend that you see a dermatologist. Of course, there are some persons like myself who have encountered stress based hair loss and really need to keep their hair regimen on track to mitigate the damage that hair loss can cause due to stressors. Here goes:


What’s food got to do with it? A lot. Usually hair loss has something to do with what is going on inside your body. If you eat right and give your body good fuel this could have a positive impact on your hair loss issue. So what are the foods to eat during this hair loss hair regimen? You need adequate supplies of vitamins, minerals, protein, selenium and iron. Here is a list: 10 Foods That Enhance Hair Growth (Vegetarian Edition). Eat a balanced diet every day, try not to cheat and you feel the difference in your body.


I know, this is beginning to look like a healthy lifestyle list but exercise can stimulate the blood flow to your scalp, besides when you do the healthy things like a balanced diet and exercise you can coach your body back to health and help to relieve stress. Try to exercise consistently for at least five days for the week. It is said that exercise is the fountain of youth, it may not only help you on getting back on track health wise but it can benefit your hair too.

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Hair massage is pretty powerful, depending on the hair loss that you are suffering from; it may be an extremely useful way to stimulate the scalp especially if you are using certain oils that are known to encourage hair growth. Just 5 minutes per day every day can make a difference to thinning areas and bald patches. See this list for recommended oils Best Essential Oils for Hair/Scalp Massage and this article for how to massage your hair Hair and Scalp Massage For Hair Growth.

Trim Hair

Trim your hair to even it out, if your hair loss is from the root, stop putting chemicals, weaves or braids on your hair for a while. Give it a break to grow out and trim off the damaged parts.


Do not use shampoos with chemicals. This will actually exacerbate the problem of hair loss. Ironically, using certain chemicals in the hair causes some hair loss issues. You have to keep your scalp clean; do not skip out on washing your hair, however, your shampoo has to be mild and chemical free. Shampoo hair only once per week. Co-wash hair every other day if you exercise. More vigorous exercises where you sweat profusely on your scalp demand an everyday wash, you can rinse out your hair with a very mild watered down conditioner. Do not vigorously wash your hair, treat it gently and only wash your scalp, allow the rest of your hair to be clean by default.


Use a deep conditioner that has both protein and moisture combo. Persons ask me to recommend products all the time where this is concerned. However, I feel that whatever your hair likes you should stick to it. Most persons have an idea of what deep conditioner works best for their particular hair after several trial and error sessions. Do not introduce any new and strange hair conditioner in your hair without testing it on a patch of your hair first. See how it feels and then go with it if you are impressed.

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Moisturize your hair as often as it is needed. Do not use any product with petroleum or mineral oil as the first three ingredients for a moisturizer. Your first ingredient for moisture should be water. If your hair loss is traction alopecia, try to moisturize and then seal your hair with a natural oil. Several of them are listed here: Oils Explained: Essential Oils and Carrier Oils For Hair

Avoid Heat, one type of hair loss is caused by physical damage and is a direct result of abusing heat and getting the ‘bubble effect” on your hair shaft. Especially avoid heat if your hair is chemically altered in any way. Persons who use relaxers, dyes and perms should try to avoid heat like the plague. The hair is already weak and heat (high heat) adds to the problem. Air Dry Hair: For Longer Stronger Hair deals with the heat issue and 3 Tips To Prevent Heat Damage To Black Hair.

Chemical Processes

Relaxing, dyeing, flat ironing, blow -outs and all other chemical treatments should be avoided when you are experiencing hair loss. Also avoid braids, hair pieces or other additions to the hair when the hair shaft is vulnerable. Any chemical process breaks down the hair shaft, opens up the hair cuticle and can make the situation worse. Put chemicals in your hair only when your hair scalp and shaft are healthy. Find heat free, chemical free ways to style your hair and feed your body and hair with chemical free products.

Products on the Black List for Persons Suffering from Hair Loss: Any product that contains alcohol, any shampoo that contains harsh chemicals, and any hair oil that contains petroleum/petrolatum or mineral oil, synthetic hair dyes, braids, hair pieces relaxers and dyes (natural or not).

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