Remedies for Oily Hair

There are some ways you can rectify your oily hair at home without much hassle, here are some tips.

  1. Shampoo Hair Regularly

One of the foremost remedies for oily hair is to shampoo hair regularly (twice per week is good) with a good quality oil control shampoo, look for shampoos that contain tea tree oil or add your own. Shampooing regularly helps in keeping hair less oily, concentrate on washing the hair instead of the scalp. If excess-shampooing was what brought on your oily situation then you need to shampoo your hair with a pH balancing shampoo,  try the baking soda shampoo method. Do this bi-weekly until the hair comes back to normal.

  1. Clarify Your Hair Weekly

There are some great clarifying shampoos out there which can strip the hair of extra products. However, you can use an apple cider vinegar rinse after every shampoo to restore the hair’s pH or add 1 cup of lemon juice to 2 cups water. This will do wonders for oily hair.

  1. Use Conditioner Moderately

If you have an oily hair condition then conditioner should be used very moderately. Conditioner if used should be an ‘oil’ free conditioner  and should be applied  only on the hair itself, never on the scalp. Remember, conditioner is usually used to add back moisture to the hair. This is something you may want to avoid since your hair is already oily.

  1. Drink Lots of Water

This may seem like a simplistic suggestion. However, water really does flush toxins from the body and with a healthy balanced diet your oily hair problems may just need this extra tip to put you on the way to recovery. Tip a teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to a cup of water three times per day and drink it, many persons have reported that this has made a difference to how their hair and skin looks and feel.

  1. Keep Your Hair From Your Face

This goes without saying, besides if your hair is oily and limp, keeping it on your face and neck can cause rashes and pimples. So the advice is to wear the hair up and off your skin until your condition is better.

  1. Visit Your Doctor

If you have hormonal problems then maybe you can get some treatment from your doctor to keep your hormones under control. However, if it is just a phase, visiting a physician can give you a better understanding of how to treat your condition. Hormonal changes can be temporary and may not require doctor’s treatment such as situations like menopause, after pregnancy and before or after periods. These situations will settle with time and may not require any drugs.

  1. Try Home Remedies

There are some products which are especially useful to treat excess oily hair: rosewater and tea tree oil are known to offer some relief from oiliness. Check out the shampoo and treatments for oily hair that we have found works very well for oily hair.

  1. Do Not Over Manipulate Scalp

Manipulating the scalp by brushing or combing can produce more oil. So, don’t brush hair frequently or rub or scratch the scalp.

  1. Avoid Using Products That Coat The Hair

Products that coat the hair like gels and oils and spritzes should be avoided at all costs. The hair is already oily so these products will only make the hair worse.

  1. Hot Oil Is Not Your Friend But…

One cause of oily hair is actually an excessive drying out of the scalp and this causes the scalp to overproduce oil to counteract the issue. With this in mind, you can use a hot oil treatment on scalp but wash it out very thoroughly after using. It is best to do this before a shampoo.


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