Thinning Hair Causes

Thinning hair and hair loss are really the same sides of the coin. Some persons are born with thin hair and that is what is genetically their lot, they have to use creative methods for the hair to appear thick and with body. Other persons are born with a thick head of lush hair and then gradually through the years they realize that their hair gets thinner and thinner. Whilst there is some hair thinness that occurs because of age. The older you get the thinner your hair will get. Only a fortunate few people have escaped the thinness with age hair issue. However, if you are relatively young, and your hair is not at the density that it used to be here are some reasons why your hair may be thinning out:

  1. Drugs- the list includes birth control pills, diet pills, thyroid medications, aspirin, ibuprofen and Aleve, arthritis medications, ulcer drugs, beta-blockers and cancer related medications including chemotherapy.
  2. Menopause – hair loss or thinness during menopause is caused by wavering levels of estrogen in the body due to lower levels of eggs in the uterus. Estrogen helps hair grow faster and stay on the head for a longer period of time. When estrogen levels are lowered, this can lead to thinner hair.
  3. Childbirth- Similar to menopause, hair thinness after childbirth is caused by a fall in estrogen levels.
  4. Severe emotional stress- stress in any form can have a negative effect on your hair growth cycle. Negative emotions stress the body and will cause it to start getting rid of hair.
  5. Rapid or drastic weight loss, Malnutrition, Diet Deficiency – if you are not losing weight on a balanced diet or you are leaving out some key nutrients that will contribute to fortifying your hair, it will shed and become thin, thankfully this can be rectified when you replace the nutrients that your body is losing.
  6. Large doses of vitamin A- vitamins are vital for hair health, however an overdose of Vitamin A can actually trigger hair loss among other health problems like appetite loss and skin disorders. Vitamin A can be found in vegetables and poultry products and fish and animal meats. Check the levels of Vitamin A that you take in supplements as well as your daily intake from your every day diet to see if you are overdoing this vitamin.
  7. Diseases, Disorders and Chronic illness – Thyroid disorders, Pituitary problems Syphilis and fevers can cause hair thinness.
  8. Radiation and General Anesthesia- these treatments are known to cause a disruption in the hair growth cycle.
  9. Hair abuse including relaxing, bleaching, perming, tight braids, tight ponytails, tight wigs, tight hats and using too much heat or high heat on your hair.
  10. Heavy periods- women who have heavy menstrual periods may develop iron deficiency. Low iron can be detected by laboratory tests and can be corrected by taking iron pills.


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