Shampoos For Premature Graying

Seriously when I read this combination in Jennie Harding’s book, The Essential Oils Handbook, I was quite skeptical about whether Capsicum is in fact a good treatment for hair, let alone gray hair. Why? Capsicum is pepper. However, I have since learned that capsicum is invaluable hair stimulant. It is so powerful it can stimulate hair growth in sparse, bald areas.

Up to the time of writing of this recipe, I have not personally tried this on my hair. However, according to the experts, it works very well for premature gray hair, bald spots and patches and thinning hair edges. Be careful if you are going to increase the capsicum oil beyond the recommended dosage though.


1 tsp. Capsicum Essential Oil

10 tsp. Jojoba oil


1. Mix ingredients together in a glass bottle. Preferably a dark bottle.

2. Massage a portion of the oil into your scalp for 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Use the pads of your fingers for massaging.

4. Rinse hair with lukewarm water and shampoo as usual.


1. Use this combo of capsicum and jojoba for hair  as often as needed. If you are suffering from traction alopecia, thinning hair edges or premature grayness, this is a great mixture for those issues.

2. The mixture can be stored for as long as 90 days if it is kept in a dry, cool place.

Source:  Harding, Jennie, The Essential Oils Handbook: All the Oils You Will Ever Need for Health, Vitality and Well-Being, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2008

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