Hair End Moisturizing Conditioner Mask Recipe


There are many things that you can use on your hair ends to make it moisturized and fresh overnight or if you just have an hour or two. This is just a sample recipe if you are searching for something to get your hair ends looking good for a few days or more. The key to gorgeous ends is to get them moisturized.

Moisturized Hair Ends Leave In Formula

1/2 cup aloe vera gel (if you are buying the gel at a store make sure that the gel is at least 90% pure aloe vera)

1 tsp. vegetable glycerin

1 tsp (Shea butter, mango butter or coconut cream- either of these three can be used)


You can add a little more or less of each ingredient based on your hair length. After mixing together the three ingredients, apply generously to ends, cover hair ends with a plastic cap and leave it for an hour or overnight.

You can also apply this mixture to all of the hair as a daily moisturizing treatment. It works well for both relaxed and natural hair. Most relaxed ladies who use it go easy on the butter and most natural hair ladies add a little more butter. Figure out what’s best for your particular hair.

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