Homemade Hair Dyes For Black Hair

There are several reasons why synthetic hair dyes are bad for your hair. Chief among them is the fact that they contain harsh chemicals that strip the hair strands and they contain some preservatives that should not be put anywhere near your brain. However, if like me, you would like your hair to be thick and healthy after a hair coloring process, here are some reasons for you to take the plunge, so to speak, and make your own homemade dye using herbs and other natural ingredients.

Reasons To Make Your Own Homemade Hair Dye

1. Synthetic dyes will break your hair overtime. These dyes contain harsh chemicals (such as peroxide) and preservatives, which are downright bad for your strands. According to the Grey Hair Report, some of these dyes will render your hair ‘unconditionable’ (nothing can bring it back).

2. There are no preservatives or harmful chemicals in herbal dyes made at home.

3. There are some serious side effects from using synthetic hair dyes; chief among them is the risk of lead poisoning.

3. When you make your own herbal dye you can experiment with a large color range to find the perfect shade to fit your hair.

4. There is flexibility in making your own hair dyes, you can add various essential oils and natural ingredients to make your dye smell good or customize it to suit your particular hair needs.

5. You can easily find the ingredients for your dye  in shops or supermarkets or plant them in your back garden or patio.

Nevertheless, even though the reasons above are compelling enough to start making your own hair dye, there are a few drawbacks when you embark on this activity. These are:

1. Making your own hair dye can be time consuming. My first try took about 6 hours but I had no idea what I was doing at the time so that is forgivable. It gets easier the more experienced you get.

2. It can get expensive especially if you have to buy the essential oils or herbs online or at special health stores. A good way to reduce the cost is to plant some of your own herbs in a little backyard garden. If you don’t have garden space you can try planting them in pots. A friend of mine has two gorgeous pots of rosemary on her back porch. They smell great and look good and she uses it for her hair.

3. If you are interested in vivid bright colors, then making your own hair dye may be useless. Homemade dye is best at bringing out your own natural color or mimicking colors that are present in nature. Anything shocking, bright or out there like glowing purple, burgundy or bright green hair you may not be able to accomplish using this type of dye.

4. Homemade herbal based hair dyes do not have any chemicals but they can still cause skin irritation, so before putting any hair dye on your head, be sure to test it on your skin; if skin irritation occurs do not use it on your head.

Homemade Hair Dye Recipes That Will Enhance Your Hair Color


Capsicum and Jojoba Pre-Shampoo Rinse

Alfalfa, Carrot and Avocado Pre-Mature Gray Rinse


Gray Cover Shampoo Recipe

Hair Rinses

Potato Rinse To Cover Gray Hair

Sage and Rosemary Rinse For Grey Hair

Walnut Rinse For Grey Hair

Black Tea Rinse For Darker Hair Color

Natural Homemade Hair Dyes (Permanent)

To Achieve Black Hair Shades

To Achieve Brown Hair Shades

To Achieve Red/Auburn Hair Shades


The Gray Hair Report: Gray Hair Can Be Reverted Back to Its Original Color, Wheats Publishing Company, 1997

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