Potato Rinse To Cover Gray Hair


I love potatoes…potato chips, potato salads and mashed potatoes but I have never heard of potatoes being good for hair until recently. You live and you learn and this hair rinse in particular, was suggested to me, by someone who said they tried it and it really works. So for all the ladies and gentlemen who are looking for something natural to dye their hair with this is apparently a very useful rinse to try. Next time you are preparing potatoes for dinner don’t throw away the peels. Leave it for your hair.


5 medium sized potatoes

2 cups water

1 tsp. lavender oil

1 tsp. rosemary oil


1. Peel potatoes and put the potato aside.

2. Boil the peels in water for 30 minutes and then leave to cool.

3. Once cool, strain the liquid and add rosemary and lavender oil.

4. Shampoo hair and use this water as an after-shampoo rinse, leave it in hair and style as usual.


This recipe is said to cover gray hair by gradually darkening them overtime, so be patient.

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