Pumpkin Hair Mask


Halloween is gone, thanksgiving is here and you have extra pumpkins. They are dirt cheap at this time of the year anyway and you want to know what to do with the extra that you have, apart from making pies and soup how else can you use your pumpkins?

Well, use it in your hair. Pumpkin makes your hair shinier and stronger and makes it more moisturized.

Before I placed this recipe on blackhair101, I tried it myself, so that I could testify to the authenticity of using pumpkin in the hair. I am in the process of lightening my hair with cinnamon so I add it to everything. You can do without the cinnamon if your goal is not to lighten but just to strengthen and condition with your left over pumpkin.


1 cup pumpkin cubes

2 tablespoons carrier oil (coconut, castor, olive)

1-tablespoon cinnamon (optional)

2 tablespoons deep conditioner (I used Motions CPR)


After shampooing hair, dry with a t-shirt until it is barely damp.

Boil pumpkin in water until soft remove outer skin (the green part),

In a food processor add the pumpkin, oil and cinnamon. Puree until smooth.

Add your regular deep conditioner to the pureed mixture and then apply to damp hair

Cover with a plastic cap and let it stay on your head for an hour or two or sit under the overhead dryer for 15 minutes.

Rinse out with cool water thoroughly. Your hair should feel like a million bucks.

Style as usual.

Note: Yes it is very good when used on natural hair. You can also substitute the deep conditioner for whole milk yogurt. It works just as well.

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