Walnut Rinse For Gray Hair


Walnut hulls can darken hair pretty well, of course it is not in the same league as henna or indigo but it is worth a try once you are not allergic to nuts and you have access to the hulls. Always wear gloves when working with walnut hulls because it will stain your hands.


3 tablespoons black walnut hull powder

4 cups of water



  1. Boil water.
  2. Put walnut hull powder in boiled water and leave overnight.
  3. Strain water.
  4. Shampoo hair and then rinse with walnut mixture.
  5. Style hair as usual



Walnuts have a wide variety of benefits and uses from killing bacteria and parasites to strengthening and stimulating the immune system. It is known as a cellular proliferator, it strengthens cells. Test to see if you are allergic to the rinse before you try it.


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