Typical Hair Regimen for Breaking Hair


These are just suggestions as to how you can go forward to correct your hair breakage. Please read shedding hair-causes and check to see what the underlying reasons may be for your hair breakage, it is best for you to know before you attempt any hair regimen for hair breakage.

Shampoo: Use an organic shampoo with no chemicals added. If your hair feels squeaky clean after washing and then dry and trashy after it has dried, it is probably because the shampoo has stripped the hair of moisture. What you need is a moisture infused shampoo which will nourish the hair while removing dirt. When your hair is breaking you have to practice pre-shampooing (pre-pooing). This means that you treat the hair before you actually wash it, pre-poo with a mixture of nourishing oils or hair fortifying ingredients such as molasses, egg, organic oils: coconut oil, castor oil, eggs, peppermint oil or lavender oil are a good combination for hair breakage. See other recipes here.

Condition: Use a deep conditioner that has both protein and moisture combo. Deep condition the hair every week until your hair stops breaking and then you can do it every other week.

You can make your own products or use products that contain no alcohol or synthetic fragrance to deep condition hair. As usual my suggestions are products without any chemicals in them or as few as possible. Good combo deep conditioners are  Motions CPR and ORS Hair Mayonnaise.

Protein: Sometimes breaking hair needs extra protein. This will paper over the cracks on your hair shaft and allow your hair to feel strong again. Aphogee is a strongly recommended treatment for hair breakage. It can be used every six weeks. You have to thoroughly moisturize hair after every protein treatment. If you want to do a homemade recipe that works, check out our pre- shampoo egg treatment.

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Hair Styles: Wear styles that do not stress the hair roots  and that will keep your hair ends as moisturized as possible.

Products: Jamaica Black Castor Oil Moisturizing Shampoo and the Jamaican Black Family of Products, ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair,  or you can use contents from your kitchen cupboard like Apple Cider Vinegar after a co-wash to restore hair’s pH .

Hair Moisturizer:  Any water based moisturizer is good enough to use. ORS Carrot Oil is recommended because the first ingredient is water and it contains no petroleum or mineral oil, you can find other moisturizers that are just as great or you can make your own or adjust a present moisturizer to your specifications, with essential oils you can do anything you want to.

Oils: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil. Or a combination of any three for your hot oil treatments and general hair sealing.

Must Have Products For Breaking Hair:  Deep Conditioner with a protein and moisture combo, Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut and Castor Oils for sealing. It is said that Apple Cider Vinegar helps to stimulate the scalp for hair growth even in areas where there was no hair growing.

Hair Relaxer: Affirm or any relaxer with added conditioners or if relaxers are the reason for your hair breakage consider tex-laxing or going natural.

Products on the Black List for Breaking Hair: Any product that contains alcohol, any shampoo that contains harsh chemicals, and any hair oil that contains petroleum/petrolatum or mineral oil, synthetic hair dyes.

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