Is a 14 inch hair length suitable for my face?

Is a 14 inch hair long enough to reach your shoulder? The vast majority of people think it is too long, whilst others think it is just right. 

And, while each hair length has a wide range of complementary hair type and hair color; how can you choose the best one to complement your beautiful features?

Worry not! In this post, Black Hair 101 will not only provide the answer but also make some recommendations on easy hair styles for 14 inch hair as well as 14 inch hair extensions that you may like to try!

Let’s find out now!

How long is 14 inch hair?

Many of you may wonder How long is 14 inch hair? In short, 14 inch hair is 35-centimeter hair length, and is often mentioned as a medium length. To be visually clear, they have a long look around the shoulder area that is just at the sweet spot and makes it fit to most face shapes.

It’s important to keep in mind that the standard hair inches chart is applied for straight hair. In other words, if your hair is straight, you can see its true length of 14 inches.

The photo of hair length chart below should give you a clearer picture of how long it is.

14 inch hair
Different hair lengths and styles can affect the look. Source: Virgin Hair

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Which style is suitable for 14 inch hair?

14 inch straight hair

Because they are so simple to style and require so little upkeep, layered cuts are perennially dubbed the “national haircut.” ​​There are numerous forms and styling options for layered cuts that you can put to the back of the mind:

  • Long-front layer: This cut will hide your jaw and even off your facial features. 
  • Choppy layered cut: Arguably it is one of the most original and innovative haircuts. If your face is square or your jawline is excessively strong, this is the cut for you.
  • Contoured layers: Having many layers around the facial line might help you achieve a perfect face proportion between your cheeks and the rest of your face. 

Indeed, for persons who have 14 inch straight hair, these are must-try hairstyles to shift attention away from their dull facial traits.

Do you wonder What does 14 inch human hair look like in straight? Below is what 14 inch straight hair look like:

14 Inch straight hair
14 Inch straight hair. Source: 4reen

14 inch curly hair

Curls can give your hair the much-needed hair texture it’s been lacking. Hair can be curled either tightly or loosely, depending on the desired aesthetic. You can wear your curls in whichever style you desire, but a bright golden hue will look best against your complexion. Below is What 14 inch human hair looks like in curly:

14 inch curly hair
Kinky hair is to create volume. Source: Internet

14 inch braiding hair

For young women whose faces are round or plump, we recommend this hair style with 14 inch long hair. A person’s face will appear thinner and more refined if their hair is straight. 

If you have an elongated face, combining it with bangs is a fantastic combination that makes you seductive and a bit mysterious. If you do not have an elongated face, mixing it with a chin-length hairstyle would be a more suitable match! 

14 Inch braiding hair
14 Inch human hair in braiding. Source: Bahamas

FAQs on 14 inches of hair

1. Is14 inch hair long?

It’s both yes and no, since it is mentioned as medium length. It’s the ideal length because it’s simple to maintain, but long enough to experiment with different looks. As one of the most universally flattering cuts, it’s a safe bet to say that you’ll look fabulous with this do.

2. Is 14 inch hair shoulder length?

You are probably wondering, “what does 14 inches of hair look like?” when asking this question. To be visually clear, 14 inch hair lengths or more often reach the upper arm. Most people with this hair length get it cut once a year. Still, there are others who would rather have longer hair than shorter.

3. How long does it take to grow 14 inch hair?

The common hair growth rate is roughly half an inch each month. If your hair is healthy, it can grow roughly 6 inches per year. You might try measuring your present length and then entering it into this calculator to find out how long you need to wait.

4. Can hair grow 14 inches in a year?

As mentioned, it is much dependent on your original hair length. It is possible if your current hair is over 8 inches (ca. 20 centimetres).

If you desire longer hair but are worried it won’t grow fast enough, 14 inch hair extensions (It’s recommend to use human hair extensions for the best experience) may be the way to go. Just get clip-in hair extension and head on over to the lively party you’ve been invited to! If you are wondering How it looks like When applying 14 inch hair extensions as well as Where to buy 14 inch human hair extensions, you can check here.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, 14 inch hair is considered medium length and may be styled in a wide variety of ways. If your hair is too short to achieve these looks, consider buying wigs and 14 inch hair extensions to avoid having to wait for your hair to grow. After they’re installed, you may immediately experiment with these quick and simple 14 inch hair styles.

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