[06 ngày trước Tết] Dazzling Xuan with beautiful hairstyles when wearing ao dai

Suggest charming hairstyles when combined with ao dai, helping her to be “deadly beautiful” in every frame.

Traditional New Year will not be complete without flowing ao dai on the streets. In these days, we can easily see the image of a Vietnamese girl gracefully in an ao dai, posing next to the yellow apricot branch or pale pink peach wings. The beautiful Spring weather of the earth and the sky emphasizes the beauty of the face, turning them into beautiful and beautiful muses. In order to enhance the youthful youthfulness of women, Blackhair101 would like to share with you some beautiful hairstyles that are suitable for you when traveling to Spring with ao dai.

Naturally long hair

beautiful hairstyle ao dai 01

Kha Ngan is gentle and feminine with a natural and beautiful hairstyle. Photo: picbon

Traditional ao dai is often associated with naturally loose hair. Girls who love simple, background styles must not ignore this beautiful hairstyle. It is important to take good care of your hair to keep it soft and fluffy. Although this hairstyle is simple, it still exudes the traditional beauty of Vietnamese women.

nice hairstyle 01a ao dai

This is a beautiful hairstyle for a girl who loves simplicity and elegance. Photo: duymilo

Wavy loose hair

nice hairstyle in ao dai 02a

The wavy tail is combined with the thin roof to create a harmonious and graceful overall. Photo: twgram

The beautiful hairstyle with a slightly curled tail seemed to be born for her “banh beo”. This beautiful hairstyle not only “turns” you into an arrogant lady but also helps the Ao Dai look more romantic. Do you consider the trend of Korean thin bangs to create a more youthful, attractive look. Long, gently wavy hair is quite suitable with gentle and elegant floral-patterned dresses.

beautiful hairstyle tunic 02

Beautiful hairstyles with wavy ends bring out the arrogance and nobility for women. Photo: topsimages

Hair braided crown

beautiful hairstyle tunic 03f

Photo: D.Chic

This is a beautiful hairstyle that will help you become beautiful and shine like a princess in an instant. This hairstyle seems very fussy and difficult to do, but only takes 5 minutes to have beautiful hair. You should braid your hair loosely for a light volume to help your face look slimmer. The ladies will be brighter with this hairstyle combined with innovative ao dai. The tip is that you can let go of a few sideburns to add more charm to the face.

beautiful hairstyle tunic 03

Supermodel Thanh Hang is elegant and luxurious with high braided hair. Photo: weheartit

Low braids

nice hairstyle tunic 04b

Photo: topsimages

The braids are simple, but still have a distinct charm. The low braided ponytail brings natural beauty but is still gentle and beautiful. Besides, this simple hairstyle makes it easy to operate without fear of the hot sun of the New Year.

nice hairstyle 04a ao dai

Ngoc Trinh is charming in ao dai and has a simple and beautiful hairstyle. Photo: topimages

Half braided hair

nice hairstyle 05a ao dai

This beautiful hairstyle is suitable for women who love feminine styles. Photo: sakura

A few braids in the upper half of hair instantly bring a bright look to ladies on New Year’s Day. In particular, during a flowery walk with friends, you will no longer worry about your hair falling down naturally causing heat or getting in your eyes.

beautiful hairstyle tunic 05

Photo: picbon

[10 ngày trước Tết]  Shimmering with beautiful hairstyles takes less than 5 minutes

[10 ngày trước Tết] Shimmering with beautiful hairstyles takes less than 5 minutes

No need to go to the salon, you can still make yourself beautiful hairstyles to confidently travel Xuan right at home.

Half hair tied

beautiful hairstyle 08a

Miss Dang Thu Thao attracts thousands of eyes with a charming half hairstyle. Photo: topsimages

Similar to the half-braided ponytail, this beautiful hairstyle is for elegant and delicate girls. This hairstyle is both familiar and strange, helping her to have a well-mannered tone but still enjoy a bit of the way of the ponytail. You can customize this hairstyle by combining accessories, bulging columns or gentle curling with a specialized curling machine.

beautiful hairstyle tunic 05b

Angela Phuong Trinh is gentle with her hair half tied. Photo: twgram

Hair bob on shoulder

beautiful hairstyle 009

Lieu Ha Trinh is stylish in a pink lace dress and bob-curled hair. Photo: mimosa

If you are a girl who loves creativity and dynamism, this is the hairstyle for you. Do not think that modern bob hairstyles do not incorporate ao dai. On the contrary, short hair with subtle layers is perfect for those with oval faces and chubby cheeks. You will look a few years younger with this hairstyle.

nice hairstyle 09c ao dai

Short bob hair on her shoulder cannot “drown” Nha Phuong’s radiant beauty. Photo: topimages

Hair curled shoulder length

nice hairstyle tunic 10

Miss America Duyen is young and feminine with charming shoulder-length hair. Photo: picgallery

Contrary to loose hair, shoulder-length hairstyles suit her personality. This is a beautiful hairstyle that accentuates modern beauty but is still feminine.

nice hairstyle 09a ao dai

Bich Phuong exudes a lovely, elegant character with beautiful shoulder-length hairstyle. Photo: topimages

Hair tufts

nice hairstyle tunic 11

Miss My Linh is charming and luxurious with a bun hairstyle. Photo: Facebook Do My Linh

Want to look feminine, but not with loose hair or braids? High-bun hairstyles will give you a charming look that blends personality and dynamism. Do not be afraid of bun hair making your appearance look “thicker”. On the contrary, the image of a lady with a bun in a bun exudes a luxurious and seductive aura.

beautiful hairstyle 11c

Vy Oanh’s radiant beauty in traditional red ao dai. Photo: topimages

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