10 Best stunning hairstyles for the Fall days of 2020

What are the best hairstyles for beauty beauties in Fall?

Autumn is the transition time between the hot summer sun and the cold air of winter. On such Fall days, there is nothing better than changing a few hairstyles to refresh yourself.

Beautiful hairstyles fall 2020

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Natural ripples

Not too fussy and perfect, this is a hairstyle for girls who love lightness and romance. The way to style wavy is very simple, you only need 5 minutes to braid your hair before going to bed and the next morning your hair will have natural light curls. These wavy hairs will make you become a lovely Poet in the eyes of the opposite person.

High ponytail

On hot days, girls who love the dynamic and cool can try this high-tie ponytail. This is not a new hairstyle, but still has its own charm that makes everyone fall in love. You just need to tie your hair up very high, leaving a long strip of hair around the roots to hide the hair elastic inside.

long natural black hair style

According to a recent survey of over 1,000 men, 54% of them prefer their spouse to have long, naturally long black hair. Thus, the traditional smooth, long black hair has always had a strong attraction to the beauty of both sexes. With this hairstyle, you can confidently walk around without spending much time styling. For girls with slightly angular faces, this is probably the most suitable hairstyle, making the facial contours softer and more feminine.

Create lovely and trendy hairstyles from Korean star models

Create lovely and trendy hairstyles from Korean star models

The simple or sophisticated, cute or trendy hairstyles of Korean female stars have “cut your heart”? Let’s learn how to style the following ELLE to …

Attractive low bun hair

Simply use a curling iron to make gentle curls, then curl your hair into a low, loose twist fixed with a staple. Just in such a simple way, you have a sophisticated and luxurious bun hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you will transform yourself from a glamorous office girl to a classic and elegant lady in lavish parties.

Attractive low bun

Seductive low bun gives you a classic and elegant look. Photo: ELLE Japan.

Naturally high bun

Still in the group of bun hair, but the high-bun hair brings a more innovative and modern look. To accentuate a naturally tall bun, take two curls in front and curl gently. These two naturally loose curls will perfectly conceal the girls with slightly round or angular faces. Use a straight, thin comb to make it easier to part the center of your hair. This is a simple yet extremely stylish hairstyle, suitable for you to go down the street on the Autumn afternoon.

Natural high bun

High bun – hairstyle gives a woman an active look. Photo: Getty Images.

There are many ways to transform with short hairstyles of Thai beauties

There are many ways to transform with short hairstyles of Thai beauties

If you want the F5 to look and feel, do not miss the short hairstyles of the Thai beauties below.

Short, curly hairstyle

Short curly hair is extremely suitable for girls with a lively personality. When you wear this hairstyle, you will be cheating on the real age when you know how to choose a hair color that complements your complexion and face. No need to go to the salon, you can also create your own curling hair style by braiding your hair and spraying a bit of hair gel to keep it.

Straight hair parted in the middle and pressed close to the head

If you love natural beauty, leave your hair straight and part in the middle, tucking it behind your ears. A thin and small comb makes it easier to split the lane. This is a simple, elegant and never outdated hairstyle. Straight mid-part hair is especially suitable for adult women. They help her possess her very own charisma and are not easily overshadowed by those around her. Take a look at the character Go Moon-young in the recent hit movie Crazy And you will see the strength of this hairstyle.

Straight hairstyle parted in the middle

The smooth and shiny middle parting hair will help you get a sparkling and outstanding look wherever you go. Photo: Actress Seo Ye-ji plays Go Moon-young in the movie Crazy.

Hair style parted way

Sometimes the simplest things bring unexpected effects. By simply changing the way the hair is brushed, you can change your whole look. If you feel stuck in the old style, brush aside your hair and feel the transformation.

Shoulder-length bob curled hair

Shoulder-length bob hair is a favorite among women. This hairstyle has kept the heat continuously in recent years and does not seem to show signs of cooling. A curled shoulder-length bob has an advantage of helping you to hide a plump face. So if you want a slimmer face, head over to the salon and request this hairstyle!

Bob shoulder lengthened

Photo: Actress Dam Tung Yun plays Ly Tiem Tiem in the movie Taking the name of a family member.

The secret to moisturizing curly hair between shampoos

The secret to moisturizing curly hair between shampoos

Different from straight hair, curly hair requires more special care.

Bombshell curly hair

This hairstyle will give you the true “beauty queen” look. Bombshell curly hair has long been the “ultimate weapon” of beauty followers in the world. Girls with thick, voluminous, voluminous and attractive curly hair always occupy the “spotlight” wherever they appear. You can choose the right color for your skin to add a special appeal.

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