6 ways to curl hair without a machine for summer trips

The curling iron can be harmful to the hair and is difficult to use on clumsy girls. Join Blackhair101 to learn a few simple hair curls that don’t need a machine.

There is nothing more glamorous than curly hair in the summer breeze. Flexible girls fake curls change more hairstyles, but curlers cause more damage than the chemicals in curling pills if used regularly. The common temperature on curlers and stretchers is usually between 160 and 200 degrees Celsius. The purpose of heat is to change the texture of the hair to adjust the hair the way you want it, but they also make it dry and dry. extremely fibrous. Here are a few curls that will give you curls and curls while preserving the endurance of your hair.

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Curl your hair with socks

Can you believe that a sock can be a curling tool? This is a trend tested by every beauty blogger on YouTube over a period of time. There are two ways to perform this sock flexing.

Way 1

Get a clean sock that you don’t use and cut off the top of the sock with scissors. Next, roll the socks into a donut. Hair curlers are ready.

Now, tie your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. You can moisten your hair a bit so that the curls last longer. Slide your sock donut to the ends of your hair, then wrap your hair into the sock until it reaches the top of your head. Now you can go to bed or wait a few hours for your hair to dry (or use a hairdryer). When you remove your hair, your hair will have a gentle curl in the ends. However, girls with too thick hair will probably find the latter method more effective.

Method 2

Take a portion of hair (about a quarter of hair) and wrap a sock around the body. When you reach the top of your head (or lower depending on where you want the curl to begin), tie the ends of the sock together. Continue with the rest of the hair.

When you remove your hair, gently brush it with your fingers to make the curls look more natural. You can use glue or hold sprays if your hair tends to stretch too quickly.

Naturally curly hair - Definitely summer hairstyles

Naturally curly hair – Definitely summer hairstyles

Natural curly hair is the ideal hairstyle, extremely suitable for summer travel.

Curl your hair with clips

This curl will give the curls even and natural. You can also choose the size and size of the curl diameter. You will need about 10 – 20 duck clips for this method.

First, moisten your hair with water. Take a curl about two knuckles wide and wrap it around two to three fingers (depending on the curl diameter you want). Next, clamp the wrapped curl with a duck clip. Do the same with the rest of the hair.

Hair curl

This is probably the simplest of the methods listed here. You can do this after shampooing, while hair is still damp, or spraying water on your hair before doing this. Divide your hair into two or four sections. The smaller the curl, the more visible your curls will be. Twist the hair on the right side clockwise and the left side clockwise. Use a crab clip to hold the curled curl on the top of your head.

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Braided belt

This method has been known and applied by many girls. After shampooing, while your hair is still slightly damp, wear a French braid if you want it to be curly from the top, or just a normal ponytail if you just want it to be curled. You can go to bed with pigtails on your head. By morning, your hair will have a very natural curl. The longer it takes for your hair to wear a braid, the longer the curl will stay.

Curl your hair with a foam roller

This traditional method of curling has been used since the curling machine was not invented until now. The sponge designed for curling will give you gorgeous curls.

Wrap the hair around the sponge and hold the curl tightly with the attached clip. Although the spongy is very soft, sleeping with porous hair is uncomfortable at all. One tip is that the heat from a hairdryer can speed up the curling process. If using heat, wait until the hair is completely cool before removing it to help it hold on for longer.

Curl your hair with a headband

If done properly, this method will gracefully curl the light curls that wrap around your face. Put a headband on your head and divide your hair in two. Take the first curl from the side front, wrap it around the headband. Combine the remaining hair with the second lock and continue wrapping it around the headband. Keep doing the same until the hair is gone on one side and moving to the other.

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