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People often turn to specialized shampoos for fluffy hair. But did you know that diet also has a significant effect on the amount of excess oil produced in the body. Explore with Blackhair101 what foods you should and should not eat in response to oily hair.

Every time you deal with fluff, what move will you take? Thanks to the intervention of specialty shampoos, increasing the frequency of shampooing during the week or hiding the oily condition of the hair underneath the ponytail? Such workarounds may be effective in a number of situations. However, a reasonable diet will help you save a lot of hair care, but effectively in the long run.

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A reasonable diet will help you save a lot of hair care routine. Photo: Pexels.

What foods you should avoid


Hormones are used to control almost all metabolic processes and blood circulation in our body. That is why this is one of the important factors that need to be maintained in a balance to keep your health and improve your overall beauty. But sugar tends to make hormones out of balance. The components of sugar, when exposed to metabolism in the body, will stimulate the oil glands to be more active. From there, increasing blood sugar leads to excess oil conditions causing skin inflammation, hair plaque and even the risk of acne.

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Sugar causes a hormone imbalance in the body. Photo: Pexels.

Consider processed starches

In the way of dividing food, starches are divided into two main categories: good starch and bad starch. And starch that has been processed and processed is harmful. A good example of this food is cereals. Refined grains are generally lighter in weight and finer than the original whole grains. Therefore, when your body receives these carbs, it will reduce the efficiency of the digestive system from the excess carbs cause. This process forces the oil glands to produce more than necessary, causing the scalp to become greasy.

Greasy fried foods

Any food that uses oil for frying causes you to end up with an excess of oil in your body. Because this amount of cooking oil exceeds the amount that the body can handle, they will not be fully digested, but will overflow and cover the skin’s surface. Or it can be understood that after consuming greasy fried foods, your body will contain all the bad oils and add the excess fat caused by the food. Limiting the consumption of fried foods with oil will not only help you have a healthier diet, but also support your hair to be tidy and curl, to avoid stubborn hair.


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types of dairy products

It may sound a bit surprising at first, but dairy-based products also “contribute” a lot to the oiling of the hair. For example, milk, butter, and cheese are digested as oils and fats; This is one of the factors that causes oily hair, darkening pores. In addition, the excess testosterone in milk also affects the production of sebum in the body. So a glass of warm milk before bed will wake you up the next morning but can lead to unhealthy hair.

the food is too salty

The body produces more oil to compensate for the body’s water deficit when you miss out on a lot of salty foods. That’s why it’s important to be extra cautious about foods like crackers, chips, and high-salt nuts in your diet.

Foods that improve fluff

food containing vitamins b and e

Vitamins B and E are essential for hair growth. These vitamins promote hair length and health while preventing the formation of excess oils in the hair. You should look to foods such as beans, fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement your B vitamins. To get more vitamin E, eat plenty of green vegetables, sunflower seeds, and nuts.

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zinc-rich foods

Our body needs a certain amount of zinc to help it inhibit the growth of oil. However, minerals are not naturally formed in the body as much as other substances. Therefore, it is advisable to include zinc-rich foods such as oatmeal, meats and eggs in your diet.

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Good fats will reduce flaky hair

Having oily hair doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate fat from your diet. You just need to differentiate between two types of fat: saturated fat and trans fat for a better diet. Trans fats will be easier to digest without leaving behind excess oil and body fat. Certain foods such as nuts, vegetable oils, and fish meat are all sources of trans fats that do not cause hair oil.

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