Beautiful hairstyles for Christmas Eve that you should not miss

Charming or youthful style, what hairstyle will help you stand out in Christmas?

Christmas comes very close on each street with sparkling lights and beautifully decorated pine trees. In addition to the choice of outfits and makeup, the hair is also a concern for women. Christmas Eve this year, what hairstyle will help you shine brightly? Let’s explore some of the following beautiful hairstyles with Blackhair101.

Hair braided crown

beautiful hairstyles 08

Photo: pictagram

This is a beautiful hairstyle that can “transform” you to become beautiful and shine like a princess. It seems that this hairstyle is very fussy and difficult to do, but only takes 5 minutes to have beautiful hair.

beautiful hairstyle 02

You should braid your hair loosely for a light volume to help your face look slimmer. Photo: ifuun

beautiful hairstyle 005

Photo: instructables

beautiful hairstyle 04

This hairstyle is quite suitable for gentle, elegant outfits. Photo: weheartit

Low braids

beautiful hairstyles 10

Photo: stiliuse

The braids are simple, but still have a distinct charm. Indifferent, low braids bring natural beauty but still no less gentle and beautiful.

beautiful hairstyle 09

Braided hair with curly bangs is very suitable for girls who love seductive styles. Photo: aminoapps

beautiful hairstyle 13

Instead of the familiar one-tailed braid, you can divide your hair into two parts. This hairstyle is both youthful and very charming. Photo: picsart

beautiful hairstyles 12

The low braid hairstyle is also very suitable for short hair girls. Photo: yandex

This beautiful hairstyle exudes a gentle and attractive demeanor for women.

Half braided hair

A few braids in a herringbone style in the upper half of your hair will help you gain more confidence and shine on Christmas Eve.

beautiful hairstyle 14

Photo: twgram

beautiful hairstyles 15

Braided hair combined with loose tail brings a gentle and feminine look to women. Photo: weheartit

If you are a girl who loves a feminine style, half braided hair will suit you.

beautiful hairstyle 19

Photo: byrdie

How to do it is simple:

  • Put a few curls close to your face to slim your face, then braid your hair backwards.
  • Note the braids loosely so that the hair has a natural bounce
  • You can use a dry shampoo to gently spray your hair to make it brighter and softer.
beautiful hairstyles 16

You can add a creative twist to this hairstyle by twisting the ends and then braiding it. Photo: pictagram

The secret to choosing a beautiful hairstyle suitable for each party outfit

The secret to choosing a beautiful hairstyle suitable for each party outfit

Some beautiful hair suggestions suitable for the party outfit help you “shine” like a princess.

Hair in a bun or tied in half

beautiful hairstyle 20

Photo: picbon

This hairstyle is both familiar and strange that many girls love. With this “2-in-1” half-tied bouncy hairstyle, they both have the vibe of their naturally flowing hair, but still enjoy a bit of a fringe of a ponytail or bun.

beautiful hairstyle 22

High bun combined with curly curls help women look softer and more attractive. Photo: trendstyle

The plus point for this hairstyle is that it is suitable for many different hair lengths. You can customize your hairstyle in bun or column with many different ideas.

beautiful hairstyle 21

Short-haired girls can also apply this beautiful hairstyle. Photo: spiceee

beautiful hairstyle 23

Photo: twgram

For example: adding hair accessories, bulging columns, braiding small ponytails … With this beautiful hairstyle, you will become softer and more seductive on Christmas Eve.

Hair combination accessories

If you get bored with the usual hairstyles, refresh your hair with lovely accessories.

beautiful hairstyle 29

Photo: picbon

beautiful hairstyles 30

High bun hair with tuaban creates a youthful and dynamic look for women. Photo: weheartit

Some accessories that you can use such as: headband, ribbons, brooch, hairpin …

beautiful hairstyle 26

Photo: pixed

beautiful hairstyles 27

The short bun is simple and easy to do. Photo: pictagram

High bun hair

Want to look feminine, but not with loose hair or braids? High-bun hairstyles will give you a charming look that blends personality and dynamism.

beautiful hairstyle 32

Photo: weheartit

You can let a few strands of hair fall down gently to add a gentle, soft look. This is also a beautiful hairstyle suitable for many types of party outfits or formal events.

beautiful hairstyle 31

Photo: yasmina

Hair in a ponytail

beautiful hairstyle 36

Photo: christinadueholm

This hairstyle is also known as “pony tail”, inspired by the child movie “Cute Pony”. The ponytail is both easy to do and saves a lot of time.

beautiful hairstyle 35

Photo: missysue

Although it is a classic traditional hairstyle, it has never become boring in the eyes of women.

beautiful hairstyle 33

You can customize your ponytail to add a different touch, making you stand out more. Photo: pixed

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