Beautiful Korean short hairstyles that are hard to resist must definitely try once in your life

Beautiful short hairstyles suitable for the face of Asian women.

It is not unexpected that people often say to each other: “As a woman, she must cut her hair short once in her life”. Because if long hair gives women a softness and background, short hair brings a youthful and dynamic aura but still no less feminine. Short hair always has a strange attraction in the eyes of the opposite person, short haircut is also a way for women to refresh their soul and change their image. If you are still confused in choosing a suitable short hairstyle, please refer to the beautiful short hairstyles that are most loved by Korean girls.

Classic bob hair

This is a simple short hairstyle, suitable for all faces and all ages. The smooth, fluffy bob hair at the tail is always loved by girls because of her personality and sharpness.

07 short Korean hairstyles

Classic bob hair suitable for all faces and ages. Photo: supaanova

This is also a non-fussy hairstyle, you can freely choose to dye deep, light colors or to have beautiful natural hair color.

10 Korean short hairstyles

You can dye a simple hanava brown color, but it is also extremely bright.

Besides, classic bob hair is also appreciated for its ability to shrink face. Bob hair will cleverly hide your square and coarse jaw. Make your face contour softer and more feminine. In case you do not need this “feature”, you can pull one side of hair behind your ear, fixed with a few toothpicks, you will look more personality and charm.

13 short Korean hairstyles

You can tuck one side of hair behind your ear, fixed with a few toothpicks. You will look more personality and seductive. Photo: jung_eunhye__

Curled bob hair

To promote beauty, do not forget the short, slightly curly hairstyle. This hairstyle is loved by many girls because it looks very feminine and trendy, and it also effectively overcomes the weakness of the big face. Especially when you have long hair and switch to this hairstyle, you will find yourself a few years younger. Curly bob hair will stand out even more when dyed a little bright color.

03 short Korean hairstyles

Curly bob hair combined with thin bangs will help you younger a few years. Photo: raniword

08 short Korean hairstyles

Wavy curls at the ends will help the contours of your face soft and graceful. Photo: jh_aaaaa

04 short Korean hairstyles

Photo: raniword

12 Korean short hairstyles

Photo: hyungchanseo

Korean beauties promote beauty thanks to short haircut

Korean beauties promote beauty thanks to short haircut

Girls have an incentive to cut their hair shorter when they see the following beauties!

Sparse bob or bangs

Girls who love the way are easy to fall in love with thin bob or horizontal bangs. This hairstyle will “hack” extremely old age, helping owner a few years younger. To properly dress your bangs, make sure your hair is chin-length or a little shorter. If you feel this type of roof is too “difficult” for me, the safest and prettiest is the long thin roof touching the eyebrows.

05 short Korean hairstyles

Photo: Kapook

11 short Korean hairstyles

If you do not like to have the bangs between your forehead, you can let the thin roof touch your eyebrows. Photo: Happyrim

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