Beauty news: Chanel launches a new collection of matte lipsticks with 8 striking colors

Let’s update Blackhair101 with the latest beauty news in the first week of August.

This fall is a “fluctuating” season for the beauty world when a series of cosmetic brands launch new collections. Join Blackhair101 to see which hairstyles or beauty products will lead the trend this week.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid brought the 90s hairstyle back to Hollywood

The 90s hairstyle was used by two famous stars Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid in the same week. This is something rarely seen in the entertainment industry. Not only that, this hairstyle is also “popular” with Kim Kardashian.

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With this hairstyle, we will easily think of the hairstyle that the Bratz doll often uses: the hair is tied neatly in a ponytail, using a part of the hair in it to wrap around the ponytail to fix, end the same is the gentle curl of the tail.

Many people believe that in the near future, this 90s hairstyle will be used by many other famous stars. Will this hairstyle become a trend in Hollywood next year?

Chanel launches a new collection of matte lipsticks, following the success of Rouge Allure Ink

Beauty news - lipstick girl

Chanel launches the Rouge Allure Ink Fusion matte lipstick line with 12 personality lipsticks. Photo: Chanel.

In 2016, Chanel launched the Rouge Allure Ink matte lipstick with 8 outstanding lipstick colors that were highly appreciated by the beauty world. Following that success, this Fall, Chanel continued to launch the Rouge Allure Ink Fusion lipstick line with 12 personality lip colors.

In this new line of lipsticks, Chanel chooses a variety of colors from gentle for daily use, to the most “daring” colors for night parties. Rouge Allure Ink Fusion with water-resistant, long-lasting lipstick, is soft and smooth, but absolutely does not cause dryness or chapping. In lipstick also contains a lot of nourishing essences such as vitamin E, sappan wood essence, making the lips plump and more attractive. With this launch, Chanel promises to stir the beauty world as well as satisfy all fans of the brand. The product will be available at Boutique and Chanel’s Perfume and Cosmetics Stores in Vietnam on September 5, 2019.

Pat MCGrath launched a collection of eyeshadow “soft price”, in accordance with the needs of young people

eye color

Sublime eye palette. Photo: Sephora.

Following the success of the Midnight Sun eye color palette a few months ago, Pat McGrath released two mini eye colors. With the plastic case design, compact shape, we can easily put the chalk into the bag and take it anywhere.

eye color

Subversive eye palette. Photo: Sephora.

Each eyeshadow palette will have 5 iridescent colors. The Subversive board has bright colors, suitable for girls with personality and dynamic. The colors of the Sublime board are somewhat softer, suitable for girls who like deep and sharp eyes.

KKW Beauty products have been “on shelves” at the Ulta chain

Ulta is known as a chain of 125 cosmetics stores in the US with countless products of well-known brands. MIn Autumn this year, fans of Kim Kardashian as well as those who love this cosmetics can come to buy directly at the Ulta chain instead of having to buy online on the web as before.

The official launch date of KKW Beauty in Ulta has yet to be determined. But surely in the coming time, we will easily find KKW Beauty in many places, and also experience these cosmetics in reality.

Coulorpop Cosmetics presents a sweet autumn collection

Over the past time, Colourpop’s makeup products combined with Halo Top have the colors of strawberry, orange, peach, watermelon and honey, always attracting the attention of the beauty world. These products are popular not only for their bright colors, but also for their extremely affordable prices.

In the fall of this year, Colourpop did not let the beauty world be disappointed when launching the Exs And Ohs collection with 12 types of eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Most of the products this time are earth colors, suitable for active and personality girls.

Speaking of eyeshadow, we cannot help but mention the variety of chalk colors that have made Coulorpop’s name. In this Exs And Ohs collection, we have again a new eye color palette with soft, luxurious colors. In parallel, there are new products such as: two types of Ultra Blotted Lips (Zooma, Doozy), Ultra Glossy Lip (PS), three Lux Lipstick (Uno Mas, Liquid Courage, Better Off), two colors Super Shock Blushes (Drop of a Hat, Growth Flirt) and finally a gorgeous shiny chalkboard Super Shock Highlighter (Guilty Pleasure).

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