Beauty tips help single mother Adele achieve peak beauty

Adele does not own a perfect S-line body to attract the public’s eyes. However, she always has a way to make herself prettier.

Looking back more than 10 years ago, Adele often appeared with a less beautiful, not well-taken care of. However, lately she has known how to make herself prettier. Currently, with the age of approximately three years, Adele often appears with elegant and timeless beauty despite having passed a birth. Why don’t you go through the beauty tips from “British painting”?

Sharp eyes attract

Although she does not have a slim V-line face, bright eyes are the highlight on Adele’s face. Knowing her strengths, she always wears makeup carefully for her eyes.

Eyebrows are an important format for the face. To have elegant eyebrows, Adele often cleans the forehead area to remove makeup, dirt. She decided to dye her eyebrows a light brown to match her hair color and mold. Next, “draw eyelashes” adorn smoky eyeshadow to give depth to her eyes. In particular, Adele always uses a liquid or gel marker to draw eyeliner with thick and curved lines. After applying fake eyelashes, she always uses a broom to apply mascara 2-3 times.


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Create a slimmer face shape

Despite possessing a round face and revealing excess fat, Adele has the secret to “tighten her face” when appearing in public. The secret is nothing more than the method of mass formation with contour of the cheekbones.

Usually, chalking can use both cream and powder. However, Adele revealed that the powder gives a natural look and is easier to coordinate. When wearing makeup, she will use nude tones to block her cheekbones to get a heart-shaped outline, creating a sense of harmony for her face. Adele also did not forget to create volume for the nose and chin area. The famous female singer usually prefers to use pale blush or pale nude on the temples. This cheek brushing method adds a slimmer look to the face.

Adele's image in the MV When We Were Young.

Adele’s image in the MV When We Were Young.

Adele’s unforgettable sexy lips

Thick lips are a special highlight on Adele’s face. She always shares lip balm to keep the lips moist, so when applying lipstick, she will be more beautiful. The first step is to use lipstick to “outline” the shape of the lips and avoid blurring. Then paint the border to create sharpness. Finally, apply lipstick with a brush or lipstick directly.

Noble puffy hair

British women always know how to make themselves elegant and luxurious, Adele is no exception. With the famous puffed hair at the event, the British vocalist even more adorned her beauty.

Fix your hair with an elastic or a ribbon. Spray or spray the glue on the upper hair to keep the line. You can use a brush to create volume, use a brush with small, soft teeth to brush your hair for smoothness. In the case of thin hair, you can cleverly use a wig to give the hair volume.

The secret to effective weight loss

When Adele became famous, we are no stranger to her chubby body. But when MV Hello was released, the female singer was shocked with a slimmer body than before. Let’s take a look at her strict dietary rules:

  • Focus on eating foods like kale, strawberries, dates, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, coffee, and wine.
  • Also include meat, as meat contains sirtuin, a metabolic-boosting protein.
  • Do not eat more than 1,000 calories for the first 3 days and use 3 cups of kale juice mixed with green tea powder.
  • 4 days later, calorie intake is increased to 1,500 with 2 meals and 2 cups of juice.
  • After 7 days, you can eat as many meals as you like.
  • Regularly exercise, run, and aim for intense cardio.
Regular implementation of these rules helps Adele not be

Regular implementation of these rules helps Adele not be “diseased” despite having once given birth. Photo: Getty Images.

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