Beauty trends dominated the year Generation Y was born

                            Beauty trends dominated the year Generation Y was born

Let’s take a look at the looks that a parent most likely wore when you were born.

In an interview promoting the movie The Age of Adaline, The film gave Blake Lively a chance to experience fashion that spanned a century, she said filmmakers decided to skip the 70s and 80s because the fashion and beauty trends weren’t that great. The statement of the fashion icon is hard to deny, because the biggest common point of fashion is Golden era of pop music This is uniqueness, unconventional, constantly changing color like the chameleon, far from the norm. “Simplicity is the secret to elegance” posed by Coco Chanel.

Let’s take a look at the looks that a parent most likely wore when you were born.

1981: Thick eyebrows

Thick, seasoned eyebrows dominate after beauty icon Brooke Shields entered the world of fashion and cinema in the early 80’s.

1982: mullet

Perhaps no hairstyle is more synonymous with the ’80s than mullet, the hairstyle that the Australian legend, Olivia Newton-John, loves. This hairstyle has recently returned and is modernized by Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

1983: Hair puffed up

Christie Brinkley styled her wild puffy hair with a matching eyeshadow with her suit.

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1984: Makeup with color block (color-blocked)

Brilliant eye color with daring lips, breaking beauty rules to become a trend when Cyndi Lauper is at the peak of her career.

1985: Messy ponytail

Madonna was one of the trendsetter of the ’80s. Hence, it’s no surprise that the Material Girl’s messy ponytail became one of the most popular in 1985.

1986: Dark rosy cheeks

1986 saw the softer descendent of the color block make-up: bright blush combined with bold eyeshadow in the same tone to create a harmonious and impressive look.

1987: Big curls

Curls became particularly popular in the second half of the decade, thanks to Lisa Bonet in Another World. Puffer hair will make your face smaller.

1988: Blue eyeliner

Mary Greenwell, Princess Diana’s makeup artist, does not approve of this blue eyeliner. However, appearances before working with an expert have accidentally turned this makeup style into a beauty trend for a long time.

The makeup style of the British Royal Bride follows the history

The makeup style of the British Royal Bride follows the history

The makeup style of British Royal brides always seems to adhere to general principles.

1989: The pixie hair of Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista not only restored the public’s favor for pixie hair, but also owed her career for this hairstyle.

1990: Makeup “like no makeup”

The 90s started with the return of the ‘no-makeup’ style of the ’70s, but this time with a natural foundation and minimal eye makeup.

“I swear she was born for the screen. / The only beauty I have ever seen can compare to Michelle Pfeiffer” – Riptide (Vance Joy)

1991: Bold lip lines

Lip contour 3-4 shades darker will help lips look thicker. Almost everyone, including supermodel Naomi Campbell, has tried this make-up. Find the old photos of her mother, see if she is one of the girls who have learned to follow this beauty trend.

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1992: Ultra-thin eyebrows

Most Hollywood stars who passed through the early 1990s are recovering from excessive eyebrow plucking in pursuit of this trend.

“Charlie’s Angel” Drew Barrymore

1993: Rustic side

To completely rustic skin becomes a style thanks to supermodel Kate Moss.

1994: CHANEL ‘Vamp’ nail polish

Chanel’s famous ‘Vamp’ nail polish, cold red black originally called ‘Rouge Noir’, became a beauty trend after Uma Thurman wore this nail color in Pulp Fiction.

1995: ‘Rachel’ hairstyle

When it comes to 90s hair, there’s nothing more representative than Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’, the shoulder-length hairstyle that embraces the face that became famous thanks to the Friends series.

1996: Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick with a sparkling finish was the noisy beauty trend of the second half of the 90s, a sign that the pale makeup trend has begun to fade.

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