Before deciding to get a pixie haircut, what should you keep in mind?

Summer is here, get a pixie cut now, buddy!

In recent years, the pixie hair trend has created a fever trend in the beauty world. Although not a common hairstyle and suitable for many people, pixie hair still has its own charm. This hairstyle is loved by many famous stars, such as Miley Cirus, Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, Kristen Stewart … Pixie hair is the perfect choice for those who want F5 to look their own. However, before getting a pixie cut, there are a few things you should take note of.

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Pixie hairstyles are perfect for summer. Photo: dianakaranina

What is pixie hair?

Pixie hair is actually a flat hairstyle with stylized bangs in many different variations. Pixie hairstyles give women a youthful, dynamic but still attractive appearance. Pixie hair seems to be suitable only for people with oval, heart shaped or angular faces. The hair layers hugging the cheeks help the face look more harmonious and elegant.

Note before cutting pixie hair

Choose a style that matches your face

If you have a thin face and a pointed chin, then a curly pixie is a good idea. Because this hairstyle helps your face look round and balanced. In contrast, those with a slim face should choose to cut their hair short below the jawbone but above the shoulder. For a more youthful look, you can combine it with a thin roof or diagonal roof. As for girls with an angular face, you can choose a pixie hairstyle with an alternating curling tail. Hair cut on the shoulders and chin is the best fit.

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For a more youthful look, you can combine it with a thin roof or diagonal roof. Photo: leejooyoung.

Understand your hair

Before deciding to cut a certain hairstyle, it is imperative that you understand your hair style. Knowing your hair’s texture helps you choose the right hairstyle to avoid damaging your hair. For those who have thin hair, choose staggered layered hairstyles (layers) to create natural volume. A slight curl pixie will be the perfect choice. Conversely, for thick and slightly coarse hair, you should choose to straighten.

Be mentally ready to face new shaping

As mentioned, pixie hair is a very short and uncommon hairstyle, so it is important to consider carefully before cutting it. Not all barbers can create the perfect pixie hairstyle. When choosing to stick with pixie hair is also the time to get used to the enormous change in appearance and aesthetics.

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The characteristic of this hairstyle is that it is innovative and innovative. Photo: picdeer.

At first, you may be shocked to see the long ends cut away. Moreover, if the new hairstyle is not perfect as the model, you will experience a huge “trauma”. To get the desired pixie hairstyle, consult many models and opinions from hair stylists.

Hard to hide physical defects

Cutting your hair short means you have nothing to cover your back and shoulders when wearing sexy clothing, especially open-shoulder or low-cut tops. This will be worse if your body has defects like bruises, blemishes or scars. Besides, short hair will not help you conceal the flesh like if you have long hair.

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When wearing pixie hairstyles, you will find it difficult to conceal defects when wearing sexy dresses. Photo: twgram.

The new hairstyle cannot be changed immediately

In fact, hairs grow only about 1-1.5cm per month. Therefore, deciding to get a pixie cut means that you will stick with the short hairstyle for a long time before you want to change to another one. If you are a lover of new trendy hairstyles, think twice before choosing pixie hair.

Always need styling products

Pixie hair is short, but it is not easy to take care of. Especially after wearing a helmet or after waking up, your hair often becomes incurable, causing you to ask for help with gels or hair wax. With this rebellious and stylish hairstyle, you need to have in your pocket the products to hold and style your hair like gels, hairspray, and regularly have to take care of them according to your own regime to make sure. make sure your hair won’t get messed up.

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You should have your styling products on hand to avoid changing your hair style. Photo: deskgram.

It is expensive to fix hair regularly

Many people often think that short hair will reduce the cost of cutting hair. But in fact, you have to spend a small amount to fix your hair. Usually, every 1-2 months, you have to trim your hair again to remove the old hair that is already long and loosing.

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