Before “The Secret Squid Fish”, Yangzi was the goddess of historical movies with such beautiful beauty

The name Yangtze became hotter than ever with the lovely role of Dong Nien in the movie “Underground Squid Fish”.

After the success of the character Cam Mi in the movie Nectar Like Smoke, Yangzi returns to the screen with a feverish film Stewed Squid Fish. The role of a lovely Dong Nien girl “cut the heart” of viewers after only the first few episodes. Before Stewed Squid Fish and Nectar Like Smoke, Yangzi has participated in many films and left many good marks. In the following article, Blackhair101 will look back at the beautiful and beautiful face of this girl through her roles.

Yangtze in honey-stewed squid film

The role of Dong Nien with lovely expressions of Yangtze in the movie “The Secret Squid Fish”. Photo: kknews.

But first, let’s review some information about this beautiful actress.

Biography of Yangtze

The American woman surnamed Yang was born on November 6, 1992 in Beijing. In order to have such outstanding roles as today, Yangzi studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in performance from Beijing Film Academy. An interesting secret that many people do not know is that the beautiful actress has been in the film since a very young age when she was only 9 years old. That movie is Hieu secret history debuted in 2003, she played Dong Ngac Phi as a child.

the beauty of the Yangtze

The beauty of the Yang family has been involved in acting since a very young age. Photo: topsimages.

Over the years of filming, up to now, Yangzi is one of the most popular little flowers in the Chinese entertainment industry. She made a mark on the audience not only with a pretty face but also by her impressive acting skills. Before Stewed Squid FishYangtze owns a huge movie fortune Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi, Hoa Lac Tung, Long Chau Truyen Ky, Smoky Perfume

Looking back at the beauty of Yangtze through outstanding roles

Khưu Oanh Oanh – movie Hoan Lac Tung

The character Khưu Oanh leaves in the hearts of the audience the image of a real rural girl coming to the city to establish her career. The pure beauty and simple low-column hairstyle help Yangzi make a mark on the audience’s hearts.

Actress in the movie blissfully chant

Yangzi transforms into a true and lovely Oanh Oanh in the movie “Hoan Lac Tung”. Photo: kknews.

Stubborn, honest and serious, each expression of Yangtze in the film has received countless praise from the audience. After this movie, the beautiful woman surnamed Yang is considered as one of the four new Chinese entertainment industry.

Luc Tuyet Ky – movie Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi

Duong tu in the movie Thanh Van Chi 02

Create a beautiful image of Luc Tuyet Ky with a cold, elegant face. Photo: newqq.

Playing the role of a fallacious girl falling in a complicated relationship, Yangzi makes viewers unable to resist the love story in the movie. Beautiful Luc Tuyet Ky shape with smooth porcelain white skin. Although she only wears lightly, but in Luc Tuyet Ky, there is an elegant and mysterious elegance. Many viewers commented that this role was born exclusively for Yangtze.

Chu Dich Hoan – film Long Chau Truyen Ky

The film revolves around the unjust love of Princess Dich Hoan and young King Kangxi. Despite their deep feelings, the two do not get together due to the hatred behind them. In this character, Yangzi plays the role of a clever and clever princess. Yangzi continued to “cut hearts” in the audience with a pure and innocent image.

Yangzi in the movie Long Chau Legend

Princess Dich Hoan (left) is witty and cute in the movie “Long Chau Truyen Ky”. Image:

In some other segments, Princess Dich Hoan disguises herself as a man with a very strong appearance. It seems that despite disguised as a man, Yangzi’s beauty is still “ten to ten”, still a delicate face, high nose and lovely chubby lips.

Actress in the movie Long Chau Legendary Series 02

Create a strong masculine image of the beauty of the Duong family. Photo: newqq.

Cam Mo – Movie The title of Smoke

The film takes place in a magical fantasy world. There, the beautiful woman surnamed Duong transformed into a crystal peach named Cam Mi. Not wanting her daughter to suffer from mortal love, Hoa Than used the drug perfectly, causing Cam Mi to spend more than 4000 years of lonely cultivation. This is considered one of the most prominent roles of Yangtze. The love story between her and Hoa Than Huc Phuong made the audience feel sad because of her mercy. The beauty of the pure pearl ice of Duong’s female jade once again makes viewers admire.

Yangtze in Thanh Van Chi movie

The role of the innocent and innocent Cam Mich made a strong impression on the audience. Photo: kknews.

With her long hair down and gentle makeup style, Yangzi “captivated” viewers in every moment she appeared. Besides, her innocent and innocent acting also conquered everyone. It was the role of the beautiful goddess Cam Mi that helped Yangzi shine and opened a new step for her career. With countless praise from the audience, the name Yangtze quickly flew high like a kite in the wind.

Dong Nien – Movie The Secret Squid Fish

Returning to the screen as the lovely Dong Nien girl, Duong Tu continues to be the most searched hot name on social networking sites. Not to mention the dreamlike love story with the gamer Han Thuong Ngon, after only a few episodes, the audience had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unmatched lovely expressions of the character Dong Nien.

Duong tu in the movie squid and honey stew 03

Dong Nien girl is very cute next to the god Han Thuong Ngon. Photo: ksina.

The short hairstyle on her shoulder makes Duong look like a 19-year-old girl even though she is 27 years old in real life. If you are a guy, will you fall in love with the lovely “banh beo” girl Yangtze in Stewed Squid?

Yangtze in the movie "Braised squid fish with honey". Photo: 引力 资讯

Yangtze in the movie “Stewed Squid with Honey”. Photo: 引力 资讯

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