Bride bun hair trends take the throne in 2020

You have chosen the location, placed the wedding dress and closed the invitation list; Last thing to consider now is the hairstyle and makeup style for the big day? Blackhair101 will introduce you to the hottest bridal bun hairstyles in 2020 in the article below.

What could be better than a moment holding the hand of someone you love and walking with them on the ceremony to start a new journey. On that big day, you will be the most beautiful bride in the world, dressed in a pure white wedding gown and pure veil. To perfect your beautiful look, carefully choose a hairstyle that matches your dress and makeup. Braided hair is the hairstyle most chosen by brides, because this hairstyle will help you cleverly show off her slim shoulders and long smooth neck.

Brides bun hair in bst monique lhuillier

Become a muse at your wedding with a low bun tied in a ribbon. Photo: Monique Lhuillier.

1. Elegant tangled hair

Combined with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a flowing satin dress, the low-bowed bun is the perfect choice for personality brides. Simple, freehand style full of freedom according to the spirit je ne sais quois French ladies will infuse youthfulness into her luxurious wedding dress.

hair in a bun

Photo: rowstreet.

Just enough tangled curls will increase the beauty of the bride. Using a spray to hold your hair in place for many hours during the ceremony is something you should be aware of. Talk to your makeup and hair stylist carefully to make sure you have a poetic look, not a messy, messy hairstyle.

2. Low bun hair

The low bun is a beautiful and luxurious bridal hairstyle. Brides who love delicate and gentle wedding dresses will choose this hairstyle for their wedding day. Pearls are a hair accessory that never goes out of style and is a great addition to the low-bun hairstyle. Besides, bright skin and natural makeup will help you have a perfect look.

Loose bun in back hairstyle is suitable for brides who like fashion style background

Loose bun behind hairstyles are suitable for brides who pursue diaper fashion. Photo: Delphine Manivet.

Don’t worry, this simple hairstyle will overshadow your big day. You can learn from the bride in the picture below how to combine low-bun hairstyles with white mesh towels. The length of the mesh cloth is up to you. However, you can consider the length of the scarf according to the depth of the collar behind the dress. If the V-neck dress is quite deep on the back, do not hesitate to choose a long scarf to balance the overall harmony.

Bride's low-bun hair

Photo: bymalina.

Chiffon scarf tied the hair bun for the bride

The bride can use the fabric of the wedding dress to make a chiffon scarf tied to her bun hair. Photo: thecreativeissue.

Lela Rose Fall 2017 bridal buns

Photo: Lela Rose Fall Winter 2017.

If you like softness and cuteness even more, the thin white ribbon will be the right hair accessory for your big day.

Bride buns hair combined with ribbons

Photo: Flaunt Magazine.

Wet bun hair – beautiful hair trends summer 2020

The soaring temperatures of the summer day make you just want to curl your curls into buns. During this period, the hairstyles with a relaxed, liberal style take over the throne. Typical examples are wet bun hairstyle – the beauty trend that is a favorite in everyday life and also at weddings. Technically, this low-bun hairstyle is nothing new. But the inspiration of this hairstyle will make you become the trendy bride of Summer Day.

wet bun hair

Chignon wet bun. Photo:

All you need is a comb, hair gel and a hair tie. If your hairs are “stubborn” that are difficult to fold, use a large amount of hair gel to control them.

wet bun hair summer day

Photo: Getty Images.

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Flower buns

As hair styling trends turn around, people return to their most natural sources of inspiration. A floral tiara enhances the sweetness and femininity of the bride. This natural resource gives an organic and delicate feel. The fresh flowers in her hair at the 1-0-2 crown are the symbol of the love filled and protected from now until now.

transforms into a sweet bride with a flowered bun

Photo: spinanyc.

A bun with a flower crown will match with a streamlined wedding dress with a smooth and sleek shape.

Bridal buns from bst Claire Pettibone.

Photo: Claire Pettibone.

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Ballerina Bun

The popular bridal hairstyle in the early 2000s – ballerina buns – is making a comeback. This chic hairstyle is easily combined with many different makeup styles, especially the bold eye makeup style. Ballerina bun hair is suitable for those with oval face and high cheekbones. This is a great choice if you want to show off your jewelry, such as a pair of statement earrings or a pearl necklace. Many brides also choose to pair this hairstyle with a ballet-inspired dress – but make sure the tulle wedding gown doesn’t make you too heavy and difficult to move.

Bridal buns style ballet

Photo: danafernandezphotography.

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