Change your look with trendy hair colors for short-haired girls

Which dyed hair color will be the perfect choice for short-haired girls this New Year?

The Lunar New Year atmosphere is bustling all over the streets. At this point, everyone is busy shopping for themselves. As a woman, besides lipstick, hair color is also a problem for girls, especially short-haired girls. Let Blackhair101 suggest some trendy hair colors in 2019 just for you.

Coral orange

In the past few years, coral orange has become popular and popular with many people. This color tone is widely used from eyeshadow, lipstick to hair color.

hottest hair dye 2019

Photo: Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2019

Hair color dye 01

Photo: pictame

Purple smoke

The purple color always hides an unusual charm that makes it hard for women to resist. This is also the color of dyed hair that is especially popular with girls with personalities. However, if you’re afraid purple will stand out too much, try a trendy smoky purple shade right away.

Hair Color 08

Romantic and tender purple tones. Photo: picbon

hair color 11

Smoke purple color with pastel color brings a youthful and dynamic appearance. Photo: twgram

Smoky gray

Hair color 14

Photo: opsgram

If you are bored with dark dyed hair tones, think light gray like smoky gray. This is a tone that can lighten your skin tone regardless of skin tone.

hair color 16

A bit of mossy smoky gray will make you more attractive. Photo: kknews

Brown-skinned girls should also not worry, hair dyed smoky gray helps look healthier and more dynamic.

Hair color 17

The smoky gray color makes the face look “western”. Photo: picbon

Pastel pink

Hair color 22

Beauty Blogger Pony is quite fond of pastel pink tones. Photo: pony

Are you a girl who loves a feminine style but still wants to stand out? Pastel pink hair color will fulfill your desire. This is a color tone that gives a sweet and attractive look. Strawberry pink is quite prominent, so it is very suitable for girls with modern and youthful styles.

Hair color 23

The sweet, light-toned pink shade is perfect for shoulder-length hairstyles. Photo: piktag

dyed hair color 21

Photo: SunHT

Pinky Hair - Beautiful hair color for a trendy romantic lady

Pinky Hair – Beautiful hair color for a trendy romantic lady

This Tet, do you dare to “transform” your appearance, become a trendy romantic girl with Pinky Hair?


hair color 25

Photo: weheartit

In the list of beautiful dyed hair colors for short-haired girls, it is impossible not to mention trendy blue. This is a rather strange and outstanding color tone.

Hair color 26

Stylish and stylish blue tones. Photo: weheartit

Hair color 28

In the daytime, blue hair color looks quite prominent. Photo: twgram

Since the dark blue color is similar to black, the hair will be in a gentle style at night. On the contrary, daylight highlights blue hair to make you more attractive.


hair color 31

Photo: opsgram

This dyed hair color is probably no stranger to beauty followers. The world famous stars all love the platinum color. This tone seems to be born for short hairstyles.

hair color 33

Photo: pictagram

dyed hair color 30

Katy Perry looks youthful and stands out with her platinum hair color. Photo: kknews

Hair color 34

This hair color is also popular with Vietnamese stars. Photo: picbon

If you want to “transform” to change your style from gentle to personality, try this hair color!

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