Changing hairstyles is to change the face, you believe?

Check out the spectacular appearance changes thanks to just one bangs.

There have been times in your life that you wonder: Should I have a roof? A bangs require a lot of attention. You have to constantly trim your bangs, style each time you finish washing your hair, and when you don’t want to leave the bangs, you face an extremely long period of fatigue. However, when done right, bangs can refresh your face in a way you wouldn’t expect.

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The right hairstyle

Your bangs have the ability to change your face as the front part is close to your face. The coverage of the bangs determines the part of the face that is hidden and exposed, creating the feeling of a smaller or larger face. Therefore, when cutting bangs, you need to consider the quality, shape and proportion of the face to choose the appropriate bangs.

With natural curly hair, bangs with multiple layers of short hair add volume to the top and save you time styling.

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If you have straight hair, you should choose thin bangs so that you do not make your face heavy. In addition, thin bangs are easier to style when the hair is sticky or when you want to grow it long.

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You can also opt for long, split-middle bangs. This hairstyle will not take away the length of your face and you will not have to worry too much about volume. This is also a suitable choice in the period of long hen.

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The bangs have the ability to slim the face a lot, especially when combined with a bob hairstyle that embraces the face.


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If you have “crawling” sugar or hairline loss, bangs are also the ideal solution for you.

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Hollywood stars and bangs

Hollywood stars also choose bangs when they want to refresh themselves without having to change the length of the hair. In addition to making your face slim, bangs also help focus the eyes on your eyes.

Zooey Deschanel is the best testament to the power of bangs. She looks much more mature and sharp than her youthful and friendly image with bangs.

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Former Victoria Secret angel has just appeared with a hairstyle that makes her look very different while maintaining her hair length.

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Before that, angel Behati Prinsloo also transformed a face with thin bangs.

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With Selena Gomez’s chubby face, bangs are more youthful while making her face slimmer. Sometimes, the bangs are longer than the eyebrows, the effect of extending the face.

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Taylor Swift started to have horizontal bangs since 2010. Since then, she has continuously transformed her bangs from horizontal, diagonal, curly, straight hair, … proving that her bangs are not boring at all. .

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Mila Kunis makes a dramatic change with lob and irregular bangs. This hairstyle attracts all eyes into her beautiful brown eyes.

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If you have a golden face and well-proportioned lines like Emma Watson, you can try any bangs, even short bangs like this.

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