Charmaine Sheh – From nostalgic beauty to trendy short hair

Whether out of the way or gentle, Charmaine still has her original pure beauty.

Xa Thi Man – Port Thom beautiful nostalgic color

If women are nature’s colorful flower gardens, Hong Kong women are a very distinctive feature in that splendid flower garden. This beauty is a mixture of different colors, sharp and distinctive, modern and classic … As someone once said, a beauty like small Huong Cang itself is a small but passionate person. Charmaine is inherited and nurtured from the very land that always makes people remember – a separate, unmixed Port Thom country.

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Photo: In the 1997 Miss Hong Kong contest, Charmaine Sheh won the second runner-up prize with Ly Minh Tue (runner-up prize 1) and Mr. Gia Tue (Miss)

Many times wonder, when will the name Charmaine stop making the audience sob when it comes to? At first, the impression of “flower vase” was something that Charmaine could hardly avoid from the very first moments of her glory. Surely few people remember that Charmaine “came from” the Miss Hong Kong 1997 pageant. At that time, Charmaine had the breath of the classical East with her long, shiny black hair. As time passed, Xa Thi Man did not disappoint fans, both in acting and in appearance, worthy of the flower beauty of Port Thom. For the past twenty years, Charmaine has always made fans’ hearts waver. Just mentioning the name, is suddenly silent to remember a childhood familiar with movies and TVB, Hong Kong.

Charmaine Sheh - From nostalgic beauty to trendy short hair

Charmaine Sheh – From nostalgic beauty to trendy short hair

Whether out of the way or gentle, Charmaine still has her original pure beauty.

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

The image of Charmaine with “regal” short hair

Not only prominent in her acting career, becoming a famous TVB drama actor, but Charmaine boldly changed her appearance, cut her long black hair and revealed her true tomboy personality. In the past, Charmaine was always loyal to her long, classic and sweet hair. Therefore, the short haircut has become a turning point, with the name Charmaine, associated with the image of short hair full of regal, strong and stylish. Billy, her hair stylist commented: “Charmaine is not only beautiful, but also very intelligent. In her is also the combination of the beauty of cold reason and hot passion. It’s really interesting and fascinating. ”. However, Charmaine with the trendy pixie short hair or simple shoulder-length hair, she still constantly captivates and loves the audience with her “naughty” way, changing her hair.

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Charmaine Sheh and hair stylist Billy Choi. Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

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The pearl girl surprised the public with a new, very short, fancy hairstyle with metal and stone accessories. Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

Regardless of the image and long-standing concept of a gentle pearl girl with long, smooth black hair was a model at that time. She pioneered and completely changed her gentle personal image to a stylish, powerful and unique short cut. The creativity in hair and the freedom to express personality has contributed significantly to building the image of Charmaine vividly transformed, becoming a solid “wall” in TVB entertainment.

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Photo: Cosmopolitan

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Photo: CHIC

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

Whether there are times with short hair that is out of style with leather outfits, or sometimes gentle short hair in soft and feminine skirts, Charmaine is still somewhere intact her original pure beauty. Charmaine loves creativity and diversity. Her only insistence is to hair because she prefers dark or dark hair to look light and natural.

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

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Although she likes shorter hair, Charmaine still occasionally grows her hair long to facilitate modeling and movies. Her shoulder-length hair looks very youthful, tender and sweet.

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Photo: Charmaine_Sheh Instagram

Not to mention the acting ability, just mentioning how the great beauty transforms her hair is enough to make the audience excited. From classic long hair to breaking trendy pixie short to to simple shoulder-length hair, romantic Charmaine is always so sweet and lively, how can the audience stop loving?

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