Cherry blossom beauty devices are only available in Japan

Have you ever thought that the compact beauty devices are a powerful assistant to help you look good and healthy overall on long trips?

Cherry blossom season is the “golden” period to visit Japan, one of Asia’s beauty powers. However, this is also the Spring – Summer period, changing weather conditions and pollen can make some skin and hair become more “dainty”. Besides, being constantly moving can also cause you aching muscles and joints. At this time, the beauty devices that help take care of and protect the health, skin and hair during the trip become extremely important.

beauty equipment can only be purchased in Japan

Although busy enjoying the romantic atmosphere under the cherry blossoms, do not forget to protect your health, skin and hair with the best beauty equipment. Photo: Unsplash.

To always be a discerning and scientific tourist, invite you to Blackhair101 to learn some handy beauty equipment from Japan. The following 5 devices come from Panasonic’s Sakura Pink Collection Collection, Japanese electronics manufacturer. Sweet colors and outstanding uses are the factors that make women “fall in love” immediately. Not only that, these beauty devices only limited to Japanese production. You absolutely can buy these devices when traveling in Japan without having to prepare in advance.

Warming Kassa EH-SP20


November 2019


The product possesses 4 curves embracing each body line. You can use Warming Kassa for facial and body care as a drainage (a lymphatic activation technique) like in spas or beauty salons. 4 curves simulating the hands and movements of cosmetologists, in which:

  • Curve A: is a light touch on the face, used for areas below the puffiness of the eyes and the corner of the mouth.
  • Curve B: Combined with rhythmic vibration mode, caring for the skin around the neck and collarbone.
  • Curve C: is used and simulates the up stroke along the jawbone
  • Curve D: For large areas of skin on the whole body and cheeks

Beauty equipment-Girl massages.

Your senses will be relaxed in gentle rhythmic vibrations. There are 2 heat levels for you to choose from (37 degrees and 40 degrees). The pulsed vibration function can also be turned on or off.

Warming Kassa EH-SP20 is compact and wireless, easy to carry when traveling or working. 1 full charge gives you 3 uses. Use this device with your favorite body lotions and skin care products for best performance.

Beauty equipment-Massage machine.

Warming Kassa EH-SP20.

Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B PP


September 2019


AC100-120V & AC200-240V (can be used completely outside of Japan)


Using Panasonic’s exclusive NanoE technology (a super fine ion rich in moisture generated from air humidity), containing 1000 times more water than conventional negative ions, Hair Dryer Nanocare helps your hair to you are always smooth and healthy. Fast drying nozzle and 2 hot / cold modes bring more choices for users.

Beauty equipment-Hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B PP.

Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38


August 2018




The Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38 comes with Panasonic’s hand-held airbag, which was created from studying a hand movement by massage technicians. This device helps to heal fatigue by emphasizing the acupuncture points to promote blood circulation.

The Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38 is a wireless beauty device and can be easily folded into a pocket. You can completely massage while working or traveling long distances. AA batteries can operate two massage bags. The machine is equipped with a silencer, so it will not make you uncomfortable during the massage.

Beauty device Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38

Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38.

Facial Ionic Steamer Nanocare EH-SA9A


November 2019




Facial Ionic Steamer Nanocare EH-SA9A offers two features: a cold / hot steam, which tightens skin while moisturizing skin with warm steam and cold mist. Equipped with 5 automatic heating and cooling options, you can perform your professional skin care routine at home. Can be used for a long time and still comfortable.

Beauty equipment-Smoking.

With one touch, you can choose from five different scents with the aroma tablet (sold separately). The product gives you firm and elastic skin in the steam with a pleasant scent.

The device has 5 beauty modes as follows (combining both hot and cold):

  1. Cleansing and brightening mode: 13 minutes 30 seconds
  2. Skin firming mode: 12 minutes
  3. Pre-skin preparation step before makeup: care comes from the epidermal tissue within 13 minutes
  4. Skin tightening like morning mist: Creates a defense barrier for skin in 11 minutes
  5. Before morning makeup: hydrate quickly within 7 minutes, creating a premise for makeup

Besides, hot steam mode Comprehensive moisturizing of the skin includes 2 different modes:

  • Deep cleaning with 3 minutes
  • Strong moisture level within 12 minutes

Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP53

The Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP53 is the only rechargeable toothbrush that can reproduce ultrasonic vibrations. Take advantage of exclusive W super vibration technology including Yoko Brushing & Tataki Brushing techniques, which are recommended toothbrushes by dentists. The brush head contains super fine bristles with a hair tip of about 0.02mm to help remove any plaque on the teeth, including gum. The stain-off feature of the Stain-off mode also helps this brush remove stains caused by colorants in coffee and tea from your teeth. This is truly a portable oral care device to have on your days of travel.

Beauty equipment-Toothbrush machine.

You can also experience the above beauty devices and more directly at Panasonic Beauty Salon for free. Experience in two locations, Ginza (Tokyo) and Osaka during your travels to Japan. Surely the exciting experiences at these salons will make it easier for you to choose the necessary beauty equipment for yourself, and feel that taking care of your body during outing will be comfortable and Simpler.

Beauty equipment-Beauty salon Ginza.

Beauty equipment-Salon De Beauty.


1.TOKYO: Panasonic Beauty Salon Ginza

Address: OZIO GINZA Building. 1-4F, Ginza 5-5-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00

* May be closed due to Corona situation. Please check the website before visiting the salon.

2. OSAKA: Salon de Beauty

Address: Grand Front Osaka South Building 2nd Floor, 4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0011

Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00

* May be closed due to Corona situation. Please check the website before visiting the salon.

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