Chestnut Brown – Beautiful hair color that endures on the red carpet realm

Chestnut brown is the hair color suitable for all skin types and all hair types.

After trying out these breakout fashion hair colors, you will probably find that the traditional brown hair color is gentle and attractive again. Unlike dark browns that can make your hair look flat and devoid of depth without expensive strips of highlights, chestnut brown is a shade between a fading copper brown and a dull chocolate brown.

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Ponytail like Dakota Johnson

The chestnut brown hair color looks great on all skin tones, thanks to its warm undertone. Chestnut brown thinning bangs that stand out from the white porcelain skin with Dakota on the Oscar red carpet in 2015.

Chestnut brown

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Lucy Hale’s lob

Her hair is cut off, parted in the middle and straight, and Lucy Hale’s natural dark brown hair is warmer thanks to the delicate chestnut brown tones.

chestnut lucy brown

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Frizzy hair like Rihanna

Rihanna’s curls are naturally tangled making the hair look thicker. One trick you can learn from her is adding golden brown and red highlights to deepen her hair color.

chestnut brown rihanna

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Curly lobes like Priyanka Chopra

Chopra’s hair is perfect for an Instagram post. The texture is a bit messy and the messy layers are handled very skillfully with chestnut highlights that light up towards the tips.

chestnut chopra

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Kerry Washington’s chestnut ombre hair

If you are not ready to “live together” with a new hairstyle, you can choose to compromise like Kerry Washington. Her hair was lightly dyed ombre with chocolate roots and lightening in chestnut brown.

chestnut kerry

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A tiger-eyed curl by Elizabeth Olsen

Olsen’s hair color is a mix of chestnut brown, gold and copper highlights. The reason her hair looks so shiny is thanks to a glossy coating over her entire hair. This is a chestnut brown version of a tiger-eye stone dye, created by Corey Tuttle, an Instagram hairstylist.

chestnut olsen brown

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Classic curly hair like Jamie Chung

With that said, chestnut brown color suits all skin tones, including Asian skin tones. Jamie Chung curled her curls with charming chestnut brown highlights. Highligh or chestnut balayage has another benefit that when it grows, the hair color looks natural. You won’t have to go to the salon as often as you can to have your roots covered.

jamie chestnut brown

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Noodle curls like Gabrielle Union

Naturally curly hair girls may have problems with bangs that look heavy as the hair grows. Dyeing the ends of the hair a few brighter tones will solve this problem.

chestnut union brown

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Goofy hair like Emma Watson

Emma’s slightly curly curly hair is a highlight proof that isn’t necessary to make her dye look great.

chestnut emma brown

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Incorporate an espresso brown like Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has proven his face suitable for all hairstyles. Chestnut brown hair combined with espresso brown that is carefully curled and pulled aside to help Kristen look gorgeous.

brown chestnut kristen

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Chic bun hair like Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence stained a rather strange shade of chestnut brown. Lighter layers of gold and copper tones are placed around her face to keep the brown color away from her heavy white skin.

jlaw chestnut brown

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