Discover the beauty of Middle Eastern women through the image of Jasmine in the movie “Aladdin”

In addition to Aladdin, Naomi Scott’s Jasmine is also the character who “captivates” the audience by her seductive beauty.

As one of two Disney remakes released last week, Aladdin received countless praise from the audience. With carefully invested images and content, the live-action version Aladdin proves to be “huge” in just a few days of release. In addition to the character Aladdin, Princess Jasmine’s beauty is also a topic that many people are interested in. This role is played by the “hybrid rose” Naomi Scott.

Naomi Scott’s profile

Naomi Scott comes from a singer. Her father and mother were both pastors in a church in London, so from a young age she joined the choir. Naomi Scott’s singing talent was discovered from pop singer Kelly Bryan. Before blockbuster Aladdin 2019, Naomi Scott was famous for her character as a pink supergirl in Power Rangers (2017). In addition, another Disney film that also features Naomi Scott is Lemonade Mouth (2011). Naomi Scott was born in 1993, is a cross between British and Indian bloodlines. Her mother is a Congo native of India, her father is a British national.

Naomi Scott 03

Despite being a singer, Naomi Scott has many marks in her acting career. Photo: topsimages.

Initially, she was opposed by many people because she was afraid that Naomi Scott’s beauty was not Middle Eastern. However, when the film was just released, Naomi Scott received a positive response from the audience. Big round eyes, sexy plump lips are said to be quite similar to the original comic book and cartoon.

Despite being a singer, Naomi Scott left many marks in her acting career, especially with the role of Princess Jasmine. Not only possessing attractive hybrid beauty, Naomi also has a sexy hourglass body. Although not a famous name, this princess is predicted to have a lot of potential to shine in Hollywood in the near future.

Naomi Scott 04

Jasmine’s youthful and fresh beauty in real life. Photo: twgram.

The charming hybrid beauty bold Middle East

Until now, very few people know the mystical beauty of Middle Eastern women. Because, they often cover the face with a veil, leaving only the eyes, so it is difficult to know the face of Middle Eastern women. However, from the blockbuster Aladdin, fans are very surprised with the mysterious beauty of Princess Jasmine. Is she the role model for the mysterious beauty of Middle Eastern women? A youthful, fresh and energetic appearance. Through the image of Jasmine, let’s explore the interesting features around the beauty of Middle Eastern women with Blackhair101.

Naomi Scott 02c

Naomi Scott’s ghostly beauty in the masterpiece “Aladdin”.

Beauty secrets of Middle Eastern women

Eyes are the highlight of the attraction

Perhaps, everyone recognizes, the most attractive point in the beauty of the Middle East is its deep, attractive eyes. Dark brown eyes and eyeliner lines create the distinctive feature of Middle Eastern women. In the Middle East, from past to present, there is a cosmetic used to adorn the eyes called “khol”. Middle Eastern women apply this product around their eyes to avoid damage from the sun’s rays. This is also a beauty tip to make the “window of the soul” more attractive.

Pay attention to rose water

Rose water is an indispensable product in the cosmetic heritage of Middle Eastern women. In addition to helping the skin soft and smooth, rose water also brightens and firms the skin.

winter woman - Naomi Scott

Middle Eastern women focus on using rose water to care for their skin. Photo: topsimages.

Nghe is “best friend”

A turmeric mask is part of a traditional Middle Eastern women’s beauty routine. Before the marriage, the friends and people closest to the bride will use turmeric masks to care for the face and body to brighten the skin.

Hair care with almond oil

Although Middle Eastern women have many options for hair care, almond oil is still preferred. According to them, the hair conditioner and scalp massage with almond oil for about 1 minute helps the hair smoother than seen. This is also the secret of “small but martial” hair care of Middle Eastern women.

Naomi Scott 05a

Almond oil is the secret to the hair of Middle Eastern women. Photo: picdeer.

Rapeseed oil

This oil is considered the traditional beauty secret of Middle Eastern women to stimulate hair growth and strength. Rapeseed oil contains selenium, omega-3, protein, and fatty acids that help nourish hair from the inside out.

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