Duong Mich’s beauty – Way to conquer the title of “Ancient Goddess”

Duong Mich, the famous Hoa Dan, is increasingly asserting her beauty endowed with ancient film designs.

Despite rumors of “beauty restoration”, Duong Mich is still one of the famous ancient queens of the Chinese screen. The beauty born in 1986 is famous for her sparkling eyes, high nose, and radiant mouth. It is these bright spots that create an overall harmonious and attractive face. However, Duong Mich has not yet reached a “dead angle” beauty because of her wide, tall forehead and thin hairline.

With that flaw, the Chinese beauty always has a lot of talk in some ancient designs. Even Duong Mich has to use a fake roof for daily activities. Over time, Duong Mich learned more and more ways to overcome his weaknesses.

Most recently, with the head shape Phu Dao in the movie Queen Phu Dao, the beauty has completely convinced the audience with her elegant beauty. Let’s see the shapes of “Ancient Goddess” Duong Mi throughout her acting career to see the beauty of the beauty that has truly sublimated.

Silly roof type

Goofy or flat bangs are always a hairstyle that gives women a youthful and dynamic look. Even this type of roof also helps beauties look young compared to their real age. However, this does not always give a high effect. Compared to the lofty and graceful beauty of the beauties, it is only because of the bangs that the beauty as well as the character shape in the movie slump.

At first, Duong Mich was impressed by its pure, simple and rustic appearance. With big, radiant eyes, smooth white skin, Hoa Dan, without elaborate makeup, can still stand out. In particular, the sparse roof style, though not luxurious, creates a youthful and dynamic feeling for ancient shapes.

Duong Mich 1

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Duong Mich 5

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However, in the movie “Ancient Sword, Ky Ky”, Duong Mi’s character Phong Tinh Tuyet made viewers quite disappointed. Taking on a different shape with thick bangs in front of her forehead, the beauty’s face looks less elegant. In addition, this hairstyle is quite outdated compared to current flat bangs trends.

Photo: Sina

Compared with the beauty and gentle and elegant lines of Duong Mi, the hairstyle is somewhat out of tune and lacks accents. However, with her inherent charisma as well as identity, Duong Mich can still “save” for this shape.

Photo: HunanTV

The hairstyle is part of a pure middle part

The middle parting hairstyle is a hairstyle that is suitable for all faces because it can emphasize the cheeks, making the face slimmer. In historical dramas, this hairstyle is inherently popular because it can show off the actor’s radiant appearance. With the role of Tinh Xuyen in Cung Ta Tam NgocThe beauty “tilted into water” of the beautiful female surnamed Duong has been highly appreciated. Although the middle parting hairstyle makes Duong Mi’s face look more harmonious, the wide and tall forehead of the beauty has not changed.

Duong Mich is also lonely

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Duong Mich Palace triangle 1

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Possessing a smooth white skin, Duong Mich does not need to take too much care in elaborate makeup. Most of the historical dramas that the beauty participated in, Duong Mich used a gentle makeup style, exuding a pure and mischievous look.

Duong Mich Co signed the dam

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Coming to the role of Bach Thien in “Tam Sinh Tam The: Thap Ly Dao Hoa”, the beauty of Duong Mi has raised to a new level. Although the high forehead is still the defect, but the fairy aura resonating with the outgoing beauty convinced all the audience.

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My favorite hairstyle, Le Liem Ba, is your favorite hairstyle?

My favorite hairstyle, Le Liem Ba, loves the most?

The Three new goddesses in the hearts of Asian youth, with faces mixed with European and Asian beauty, love simple, liberal hairstyles.

Noble bun hair

The hairstyle in a high bun in historical movies is one of the most difficult hairstyles. On the one hand, it can bring out a feminine beauty that is both noble and seductive, on the other hand, it can display an imbalanced face. For Duong Mi, this hairstyle is quite unpredictable. Because if it is adorned with sparkling jewelry, the beauty of the beauty will be more luxurious. However, when this bun hairstyle is too high, the defects on the face are easily exposed.

Duong Mich Chinese Paladin 3

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The lively and lovely features of the male and female image have obscured the shortcomings of the beauty of the Duong family.

Duong Mich 4

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With the latter hairstyle, Duong Mich already knows how to overcome her shortcomings. She chose the deviated hairstyle and the hairline seems to be thicker, making the beauty look more perfect with this shape.

Duong Mich 14

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Hair parting and elegant

Most recently, the image in the movie Phu Dao Hoang Hau by Duong Mich has received many compliments for her beautiful face. Right from the first episodes, Duong Mi has affirmed the title of “Ancient Beauty”. With no longer a high forehead, hairline is also thicker, Duong Mi shines with her sharp and elegant beauty.

Duong Mich 6

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Duong Mich 8

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In the new film project, the make-up of a mother-of-one is also more invested. The sharp eyes, the radiant mouth and the elegant high nasal bridge all create a perfect appearance of Duong Mich. After more than 10 years of making a mark in many films, Duong Mich has now risen to the title of “Ancient Goddess” of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Duong Mich 9

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