Eye-catcher with Chanel’s Spring 2019 runway makeup

Makeup with red lipstick and dark blue smoky eyes.

World-class brand Chanel held its Spring couture show this past Tuesday in Paris. The charismatic world is once again admired and admired the talent of the “king” Karl Lagerfeld when combining the ingenuity between the elegance of the 18th century aristocracy and the wild style of low rock legends. 90s of the 20th century. This ingenious combination is like a “visual feast” with a colorful swimming hat, a beautiful gem-encrusted swimwear and attractive performance costumes.

05 makeup styles

Impressive gem-studded swimsuits. Photo: allure.

Please join Blackhair101 to admire the strange and attractive beauty styles on Chanel’s Spring 2019 fashion catwalk.

Rebellious and wild hair style

Renowned hairstylist McKnight has made an impressive hairstyle inspired by legendary rock artist David Bowie.

McKnight used a comb to pull his hair upright, meticulously stacked. Then, he covered with hair glue to create stiffness so the model could confidently walk on the catwalk.

He cleverly combines this hairstyle with small accessories such as beads, feathers and colorful flowers.

Beautiful Korean short hairstyles that are hard to resist must definitely try once in your life

Beautiful Korean short hairstyles that are hard to resist must definitely try once in your life

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Red lipstick and impressive smoky eyes

Makeup style with bright red lips, blue smoky eyes, bold eyeliner lines and white lower eyelid border is expected to become a makeup trend in 2019.

02 beauty styles

The looks are both elegant and rebellious. Photo: fashionista

Makeup artist Lucia Pica was inspired by the legendary rock star style makeup.

03 beauty styles

Chanel follows the eyebrow trend 2019: natural and genuine. Photo: fashionista

The eyes full of pride, wild lips, and pristine eyebrows on the catwalk are highly appreciated for visual effects. Perhaps this is one of the rare makeup styles in Haute Couture runway that can be applied in life.

06 makeup styles

Dark blue smoky eye shadow is expected to be a makeup style in 2019. Photo: fashionista

08 makeup styles

Photo: fashionista

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