F5 itself with unique ideas from hairstyles to school

Hairstyles when going to school both meet aesthetic criteria, are simple and easy to make so that girls do not have to worry about choosing to apply to everyday life.

In the new school year, the beautiful girls must all want to renew themselves with a different style. However, the hairstyle to class or lecture hall can be too fussy or outstanding. This makes the girls quite a headache in choosing the hairstyle to go to school after long summer days. Let Blackhair101 review the simple, but never-old, beautiful hairstyles for girls to have a beautiful hairstyle when going to school.

hairstyle to school

The hairstyles that go to school are often simple but still have to meet the aesthetic criteria for the girls who go to school. Photo: Naver.

Stylish and dynamic bun hairstyle

If you are a follower of the “school youth” genre, the high bun hairstyle will be extremely familiar to you. From Korean, Chinese, or Thai goddesses, the female students are quite dressed in this stylish and dynamic bun. This hairstyle is very suitable for girls with thick hair who like a dynamic, neat style. The bun is the most popular summer day hairstyle. And when you go to school, it is also a way to help you confidently coordinate and still retain your charm and confidence.

This hairstyle will make your face glow, neat and polite. At the same time, it is possible to attract the eyes of the opposite sex because of the increase of purity and purity. You can also customize the high bun hairstyle with many different styles. This hairstyle can turn into a collection for a week to school without worrying about boredom.

onion bun hairstyle

The onion bun makes the girls cuter, suitable for beautiful, pretty girls and more adorable than ever. Photo: SNS.

pucca bun hairstyle

Pucca bun hair just helps you become more adorable, and shows the youthfulness and mischief inherent in a schoolgirl or a pretty student. Photo: Instagram Lisa.

lazy bun hairstyle

Lazy bun is a bun hairstyle for mischievous girls, showing freedom, breaking way but still being beautiful. Photo: Naver.

Bright and cute braided hair

This braided hair has been associated with the injustice of being “cheesy” for a long time and is not chosen by many girls. Recently, however, new and more modern braids have brought the braids back to the trend track. Not picky but still make her pretty, this is the favorite school haircut of beauty believers.

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This hairstyle is favored again thanks to cute, feminine yet neat and dynamic style. The great advantage of braided hair on both sides is that she can combine with a variety of accessories, depending on the style of each person. First of all, you should apply a little conditioner to soft and shiny hair and divide your hair into two parts. You braid each part into a bun and then use your fingers to gently pull the two braids to let the curls loosen.

side braids

Traditional double-sided braids make love at first sight by being neat and beautiful in a very gentle way. Photo: SNS.

short braided hairstyle

The way to braid the hair on both sides can be done with both long and short hair with a youthful, personality style. Photo: Instgram Jennie.

tangled hairstyle

A little tangled in braided hair creates a mischievous and sweet feel to school. Photo: Weibo Trinh Sang.

Simple and delicate ponytail

It’s a traditional style of styling, but ponytails are never outdated. Speaking of the list of popular school hairstyles, it’s impossible not to mention ponytails. This hairstyle is both comfortable, youthful and more personal. In particular, you can incorporate more personality or cute hair ties to show your style.

A ponytail can also conceal the blemishes on your face. If you have a round face, be messy, tie your hair high. Then add more volume to the hair on the top of the head. With an angled face, soften your face by letting a few strands of hair fall on either side of the sideburns. If you are a girl with a heart-shaped face, then a medium-tall hair tie will be very fashionable.

high hairstyle

The ponytail is a simple, easy-to-do, time-free way to style your school each morning. Photo: Naver.


Neat and simple, the ponytail is a combination of traditional and modern features that many girls love.

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Sweet, feminine hairstyle

In the morning, getting up late in the morning, is the time rushing to make you not have time to make your haircut? Don’t hesitate to choose a hair that is half sweet and full of femininity. The hair on the top of the head is tied neatly with lovely accessories like a bow or hairpin. While indifferent ends create a gentle touch for a new day. You will also never be afraid of your hair getting messed up, losing its romantic and charming look. This hairstyle is also used very well on rainy days to prevent hair from getting messy.

nice hair style

With this style, long hair will look even more feminine. Photo: Instagram Suzy.

short hair style

Short-haired girls tied the first half of the hair, creating a sweet, mischievous, lovely feeling. Photo: Sina.

hairstyle to school

She can transform by only tying a part of the roof. Half hairs will help you feel more confident, active and youthful. Photo: Sina.

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Delicate hair combines youthful accessories

Her long, flowing hair is a familiar image to many generations of female students. Although it is quite popular with women, this hairstyle has always “scored” and has not shown signs of cooling down. Nowadays, loose hair can vary widely with many different styles. From the length, the curl or even the bangs, she can also go to school with her hair down in her own style.


Every time you go to class, a cute headband or clip will make you feel sweet and confident. Photo: Todata.

long hairstyle

The rain is also a simple, compact variation that you can apply to refresh yourself in this hairstyle. Photo: Instagram Kim So Huyn.

curly hairstyle

If you are bored with long, straight hair, try a heat-free curl. Just loosen your hair overnight, and you’ll have a little frizz in school tomorrow morning. Photo: Instagram Rose.

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