Fascinated by the beauty of the beauties attending the 2019 Cannes Film Festival

Red lipstick and sharp black eyeliner are the duo that dominate the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

The Cannes Film Festival 2019 just took place at dawn on May 15 (in Vietnam time), attracting a lot of public attention. The 72nd Cannes Awards this year brings together the beauty of the entertainment industry around the world such as Blackhair101 Fanning, Selena Gomez, Julianne Moore, Barbara Meier, Jessica Jung … Let’s see Blackhair101’s outstanding beauty styles. this.

Blackhair101 Fanning

beauty style of elle fanning

Blackhair101 Fanning’s captivating seductive beauty. Photo: billboard.

Pride, nobility, and doll-like beauty are probably the most accurate words when talking about Blackhair101 Fanning at the Cannes Film Festival. Possessing a sweet and seductive beauty, her beauty style in Cannes 2019 is simple but still very attractive. Smooth white skin, innocent cheeks and charming red lipstick attracts thousands of eyes. The eyes are adorned with thin contours, curled grooming lashes. The characteristic highlight of this beauty is also her impressive platinum blonde hair. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Blackhair101 Fanning became the focus of all attention as the youngest out of the 9 jury members. She just turned 21 last month.

Selena Gomez

beauty style of selena gomez ft01

Selena Gomez returns to be impressed with a luxurious princess style. Photo: billboard.

The Disney Princess has just made an impressive comeback at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. Selena Gomez’s beauty style evokes the image of an elegant but equally charming lady. Makeup artist Hung Vanngo has adorned his eyes with a sharp winged black line. Selena Gomez chooses her eyebrows in this year’s beauty style. Red lipstick highlights this sexy beauty. Her hair is twisted in a bun that emphasizes every line of the face.

Julianne Moore

beauty style by Julianne Moore

The simple and attractive beauty of Julianne Moore. Photo: allure.

Coming to this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Julianne Moore chose a gentle pink beauty style. Smooth skin and sweet rosy cheeks, though simple but still attractive. The eyes are adorned with smoky eyes and carefully groomed lashes. To match the light makeup style, Julianne Moore chose a familiar brown shoulder-length hairstyle.

Eva Longoria

beauty style by Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria also chose for herself a gentle makeup style with the main nude pink tone. Photo: allure.

Beauty Eva Longoria once shared on her Instagram page that her sleek hair was created with the help of 4 stylists. Talking about this beauty style, Eva Longoria revealed that the products she used are entirely from L’Oreal Paris brand. Similar to Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria also chose a light makeup style with the main pink tone. The most prominent highlight is the smoky eyes and thick curvy eyelashes. As for lipstick, Eva Longoria follows the beauty trend this year when choosing a bright pale pink lip gloss.

Barbara Meier

Barbara Meier's beauty style

Barbara Meier’s sharp makeup style. Photo: allure.

The model from Germany appeared at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival with outstanding orange-brown hair. The roof is stroked backwards and meticulously created. Like Selena Gomez, Barbara Meier chooses a sharp and bold beauty style with black cat eyes and red lipstick. This makeup style seemed to match Barbara Meier’s glittering metallic outfit.

Romee Strijd

beauty style of Romee Strijd

“Goddess” of Victoria Secret appeared in a radiant charm. Photo: getty images.

“The muse” of Victoria Secret appeared immediately attracted the attention with a sexy high split dress. Straight platinum blonde hair has become the signature “trademark” of Romee Strijd. The beauty chose for herself a simple nude color makeup tone. Light pink eyes and lips combine with the style to embellish each line of the face.

Jessica Jung

beauty style of jessica jung 02

As one of the representatives of Korea, Jessica Jung stands out with her seductive makeup. Photo: getty images.

Former SNSD member is one of the representatives of Kim Chi to appear on the red carpet of Cannes 2019. In this appearance, Jessica Jung chose sharp and seductive makeup. Red lipstick and black eyeliner are a familiar couple often chosen by many famous stars. The familiar long curly hairstyle accentuates her sexy and attractive features. At the age of 30, Jessica Jung received a rain of compliments from the public with her lovely beauty.

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