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Asian women have a round face with delicate and harmonious lines. Perhaps that is why many people will be afraid that the short haircut will make the face more plump. However, there are many different beautiful short hairstyles that help women hide their shortcomings as well as increase their youthfulness.

Here are some great short hairstyles suggestions for Asian faces to try.

Long hair pixie

“Mushroom” pixie hair is styled in layer to give you a youthful and modern appearance. This is a beautiful short hairstyle suitable for girls who love personality style, dynamic.

beautiful short hairstyles 01

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Short bob hair cut with bangs

Straight strands of hair that are styled to hug the face will increase the charm for women. Besides, the harmonious combination with the horizontal roof also contributes to a symmetrical structure. This can be said to be a beautiful short hairstyle suitable for Asian girls with round faces because the hair on the sides will help you to hide it.

beautiful short hairstyles 02

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Pixie hair

If you want to change yourself with a completely new style, you can try out fancy pixie hairstyles. The hair is kept straight and has a natural gourd that honors your gentle yet youthful beauty.

beautiful barber hairstyle 03

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Bob hair curls up the hairline

To promote beauty with a feminine, sweet style, do not forget the short, curly shoulder-length hairstyle. This short beautiful hairstyle will help you to show off the natural charm on your face.

beautiful barber hairstyle 04

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Short bob hair trimming the hairline layer

This is a beautiful and simple short hairstyle with thin layer trimmed hairline, giving women a seductive look. With this hairstyle, you will not have to spend too much time shaping your hair before going out, just brush it lightly.

barber hairstyle 05

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Asymmetrical bob hairs

If you are a personality girl and want to refresh your image in the fall, do not ignore this extremely modern cut hairstyle. This will be a suitable choice for girls who love youthful shoulder-length hair but still does not lose their feminine charm.

beautiful barber hairstyle 06

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The short hairstyles associated with Princess Diana

The short hairstyles associated with Princess Diana

The image of Princess Diana seems to always be associated with short hairstyles, though simple, but still exuding elegance and elegance of women …

Hair bowlcut personality

A little coldness, a little playfulness are the factors that make this beautiful short hairstyle. With the hair and the back hair cut high, hugging the head, creating a personality and dynamic for women.

beautiful short hairstyles 07

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Red-dyed bob hair

Bob hair is inherently personality when combined with red dye will bring a dynamic and attractive look to women. Rest assured, this short beautiful hairstyle, although outstanding, still retains your charm and femininity.

beautiful short hairstyles 08

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Short bob hair with thin bangs

For girls with a round face, a nice and gentle short hairstyle is a good choice to enhance the charm and femininity. In addition, to increase the tone and youthfulness, you can combine bob hair with thin Korean bangs.

beautiful short hairstyles 09

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Bob hair curls

For Asian girls, the “double wave” chin-length short haircut and blunt hair will be a good suggestion to help you become younger and sweeter. This is also a beautiful and simple short hairstyle suitable for those who love feminine and natural beauty.

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