Glass Hair – Strange but familiar hairstyle continues to “stir” the beauty world in 2019

                            Glass Hair - Strange but familiar hairstyle continues to "stir" the beauty world in 2019

Glass Hair – strange but familiar trend of glass hair, what’s hot that Hollywood stars still fall in love with?

In 2018, after the trend of glass skin (glass skin) from the land of kimchi, beauty believers have the opportunity to “fever” with the trend of glass hair. It is known that this hair trend started to emerge from last fall with the enthusiastic “promotion” from many famous stars. Worth mentioning is that up to now, glass hair has not shown signs of cooling. Let’s find out why this aqua hairstyle is so hot with Blackhair101.

glass hair 09

Glass hair promises to continue to be crowned in 2019. Photo: topsimages

What is the concept of aqua hair?

Glass hair is actually a very familiar shoulder-cut bob. Despite its simple look, this hairstyle requires a lot of techniques to achieve maximum perfection. At first glance, the hair will be straightened, carefully trimmed in sharp lines. The attraction of aqua hair is the elaborate styling and treatment of the hair to achieve a perfect shiny effect like applying a layer of glass to the hair.

glass hair 12

The glass hair trend has not cooled down in 2019. Photo: deskgram

The origin of the aqua hairstyle

Although it is a fever trend in recent times, few people know that glass hair has appeared since the 60s. This eye-catching shiny hair treatment technique was created by hair stylist Vidal Sassoon. Glass hair used to be the classic hairstyle of Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls group. Because of the attractiveness and strange charm, it is not difficult to understand when the trend of glass hair is so popular with many stars.

hair glass 06

This hairstyle is suitable for dark hair colors such as black, dark brown … Photo: di1ara

Glass hair is suitable for who?

As mentioned, in order to get the perfect glass hair hairstyle, the hair must meet two standards: the sharp cut and the mirror-like shine. With these characteristics, the glass hairstyle will probably be suitable for a personality girl who loves a dynamic, youthful style.

Advantages of glass hairstyles

In the coming summer atmosphere, a neat and lovely hairstyle like glass hair would be a good suggestion for women. Not only helps you feel cool and comfortable in all activities, but also brings a young – healthy image full of personality. Glass Hair is usually in the form of bob hair, shoulder-length hair, and parted bangs. This hairstyle is suitable for almost every face, from cheeks, oval face, small face … Perhaps that’s why the trend of glass hair is fascinated by many girls.

glass hair 15

Glass hair trend “sweeping” the world of beauty. Photo: camilacoelho

The suitable hair color for glass hair is dark tones like black, dark brown, light smoky brown or reddish brown. Bright colors such as blond or highlight hairstyles will not bring out a nice shiny effect.

glass hair 18

The attraction of the glass hairstyle is her vibrant, healthy glossy hair. Photo: picbon

Many famous stars used to “die in love” with this hairstyle. Indeed, glass hair has created a trend for beautiful and extremely eye-catching hair.

glass hair 0

Kylie Jenner used to be associated with bob glass hair. Photo: kknews

hair glass 02

Photo: kknews

glass hair 21

Katy Perry stands out with her iridescent silver glass hairstyle. Photo: topsimages

Glass hair 05

Hailey Baldwin personality in blond hair. Photo: kknews

Glass hair 03

Elegant lady Olivia Palermo radiant with glass hair. Photo: topsimages

glass hair 17

Selena Gomez once attracted the attention of her strong, glossy bob hair. Photo: kknews

glass hair 16

Mai Davika is pretty with a glass hairstyle. Photo: picdeer

Currently, the glass hair trend has had many new variations in hair color and style. However, glass hair still has in common is shiny, healthy hair full of vitality.

glass hair 10

Outstanding iridescent glass hair. Photo: twgram

glass hair 22

Sharp cuts combined with light tones create impressive hairstyles. Photo: joygram

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