Guide to braid a strange and beautiful fishtail within 5 minutes

Essential if you only have 5 minutes (or less) to style your hair before going to work.

Did you notice that the braids are getting more and more complex? DNA braids, wreath braids, zippered braids … Although they may look fancy, you can’t avoid the severe frizz when you wake up the next morning. Surely this is not something girls want to encounter. In days when you only have about 5 minutes (or less) to consider what you should do with your hair, don’t waste time thinking but try braiding a messy fishtail. It might look flattering, but the mess was purposeful.

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Photo: Madame Figaro

Don’t worry if your braided hairstyle will take you a while. With 5 simple steps below, you will have a gentle yet extremely delicate fishtail hairstyle.

Step 1: Create hair texture

Soft, silky hair is not an ideal condition for this girly braided hairstyle. So the first thing you need to do is treat and give your hair a new texture.braided fishtail 1

Spray hair from base to tip with dry shampoo.

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This will create a matte texture, leaving the hair smooth but not slippery when styling. This is especially helpful if you’ve recently washed your hair – when it is in a slick condition.

Step 2: Tie the ponytail

Pull all your hair to one side and tie it in place with a transparent elastic. If you want your braid to be behind you can keep the hair on the nape of the neck.braided fishtail 2

Step 3: Divide hair

Divide your ponytail into two evenly spaced clusters on either side.braided fish braids 3

Step 4: Tet hair

Take a small portion of hair from the left edge of the left clump, pull this part of hair upwards and through the right strand. The size of this section depends on the thickness of your hair. Usually they are about a quarter thinner than the hair cluster.braided fishtail 4

Do the same for the hair on the right side. Continue braiding like that down all ends of hair.

Step 5: Perfect the hairstyle

Once you have braided all your hair, fix the tail of your fish with the elastic.braided fishtail 5

Then cut the clear elastic that was used to tie the ponytail at first.braided fishtail 7

Gently pull your braids to the sides to create a gentle, loose braid.

braided fishtail 5

To add flair or upgrade to this hairstyle, you can add a few small accessories like a scarf or hairpin. You’ve got a chic fishtail braid.

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Photo: majawerner

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