Hairstyles for round faces are “promoted” by Korean beauties

Choosing the right hairstyle will help your round face become slimmer and more attractive.

Many people often think that a slim v-line face is the standard of beauty. Because no matter how “transforming” with “hard” hairstyles, you can become more splendid. However, if you have a plump face, you can shine your own way without having to be fixed with a boring haircut. With the following suggestions from Korean beauties, Blackhair101 hopes you can choose for yourself a hairstyle for the round face to create the charm of “ten thousand people.”

1. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is one of the “Goddess of sustainable beauty” in Kim Chi. Since the beginning of the career until now, Kim Tae Hee’s sharp and sharp beauty shows her increasingly improved performance. Possessing a delicate round face and smiling eyes, the actress always becomes the focus every time she appears. In addition to taking care of the appearance, beauties often change the image with different hairstyles.

round face hairstyle_Amino Apps

Trendy asymmetric glass hairstyle helps Kim Tae Hee’s face become slimmer. Photo: Amino Apps

hairstyle for round face_Kim Tae Hee

When she lets her long hair style gently curl her tail, the beautiful 38-year-old can easily show off her sweet and feminine beauty. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyle for round face_Kim Tae Hee

The hair is parted in the middle and tucked to the sides to create the effect of making the face more slim. Being outstanding with light skin, black hair color makes Kim Tae Hee more radiant. Photo: Getty Image

2. Goo Hye Sun

“Grass girl” Goo Hye Sun is loved by her multi-talented and radiant appearance every time she appears. Although she does not possess a beauty that reaches the peak, she makes a mark with her cuteness, younger than the real age. Possessing a round face, Goo Hye Sun still confidently changes many hairstyles to diversify the image in the public eye.

hairstyles for round face_Goo Hye Sun

The beauty born in 1984 is young and elegant with a short haircut and thin bangs that cheat the age. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyles for round face_Goo Hye Sun

The light brown curly hair seems to suit her better when she can highlight the actress’s fresh face and smooth white skin. Photo: Getty Images

3. Park Shin Hye

Referring to “Queen of the Screen” Park Shin Hye, it is impossible not to recognize her increasingly shining with sweet beauty. Although possessing a body that is not a supermodel as well as a round face, that is also the attraction of this 1990-born actress. In addition to always choosing the right makeup style, she also always updates the round-face hairstyles to become more beautiful.

Round face hairstyle_Park Shin Hye

She holds the advantage of a round face that is plump and cute, so she often chooses a curly hairstyle to hug her face to help create a slimmer effect. Photo: Getty Images

Round face hairstyle_Park Shin Hye

The image of 9X actress is always associated with black or dark brown hair. In the high-tie hairstyle, Park Shin Hye looks extremely luxurious and radiant. Photo: Getty Images

Round face hairstyle_Park Shin Hye

For this mid-part hairstyle, the face of “Screen Queen” is more gentle, feminine but equally stylish. Photo: Getty Images

4. Suzy

“Nation’s first love” Suzy is a beautiful face that is loved in Korea. Not only possesses perfect appearance, smooth white skin, but she always seems to take care of her appearance. For Suzy – a round-faced beauty, there is no hairstyle that can make it difficult for her.

All Kpop hairstyles for round face

Originally associated with the princess’ long curly hair, when changing her appearance, Suzy made the fans even more surprised. Short hairstyles give the actress a modern and full of personality. Photo: All Kpop

hairstyles for round face_Suzy

When her hair is tied in half of her head and is spread to the sides, “Nation’s first love” impresses with her sweet beauty like a princess. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyles for round face_Suzy1

Long hair is dyed a shiny brown to help bring out the gentle lines on the face and add even more charm. Photo: Getty Images

5. IU

IU owns a round but elegant face, smooth hair that is often “varied” with a variety of hairstyles. In order to show off her pure and radiant beauty, she often curls the ends of her hair, whether long or short. With a youthful and sweet appearance, few people know that IU has passed the age of 25.

Round-face hairstyle_Park Bo Young2

Personality bob hair when pressed lightly curly tail helps the singer’s face even more elegant. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyles for round face_IU1

Coming to the dark hair color and the long, smooth hairstyle, IU still scored in the eyes of fans with her mature and feminine image. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyles for round face_IU

The youthful “lover of the nation” with a simple cup-length bob is tied in a half. This is considered a very flattering hairstyle and also helps the singer “cheat” for a decade. Photo: Getty Images

The Vietnamese star series proves the endless appeal of short hairstyles

The Vietnamese star series proves the endless appeal of short hairstyles

Short haircut is a beautiful young automatic, the Vietnamese star series has proven this truth.

6. Park Bo Young

With the advantage of a pretty face and a small body, no matter what makeup she has, Park Bo Young looks lovely and sweet no matter what she has in her hairstyle. If in the past, long hair gave her a lady-like look, when changing the image with short hair, the actress even “promoted” her beauty.

Round-face hairstyle_Park Bo Young2

The bouncy bob hair is dyed brightly, making the face more radiant. Photo: Topstarnews

Hairstyles for round face_Park Bo Young

Bo Young is bright and radiant with long, gently curled hair. With this youthful style, few people know she is at the age of 28. Photo: Getty Images

7. Sooyoung (SNSD)

As the “long-legged” girl who owns the most beautiful body in SNSD, Sooyoung is always known for her diverse appearance. With a beautiful round face, no matter what hairstyle, from youthful short hair, dynamic tied hair to girly flowing hair, the female singer can shine.

hairstyle for round face_Sooyoung3

Joining the trend of super short bangs, although many people have been “drowned”, it can be seen that SNSD can still become attractive and stylish. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyle for round face_Sooyoung2

There is no need to elaborate, Sooyoung is still so beautiful with just her hairstyle and light brown color that illuminates her white skin. Photo: Getty Images

hairstyle for round face_Sooyoung1

Despite changing the chic and seductive style in curly hair, there is hardly any hairstyle that can make the beauty of a 28-year-old beauty slightly diminished. Photo: Getty Images

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