Handbook to dye your hair Ombré at home during the COVID-19 season

Beautiful hairstyles will clearly brighten your face, leaving an unforgettable mark in the eyes of the opposite person. During your days at home avoiding translation, if you want to manually change your hair color in a trendy Ombré style, check out the following article from Blackhair101. These basics will give you a better overview of an Ombré dyeing cycle at home.

In recent years, the Ombré hair dye trend has strongly spread in the beauty-loving community. Ombré is a word borrowed from French, similar to the word “shaded” or “shadow” in English. The Ombré dyed hair is a stronger statement of free hearts, love to break and create. However Ombré dyes always exist very short. You should take note before deciding to dye your hair in this style.

A beautiful dyed hair or not depends a lot on the technique of the hair artist. In cases where we cannot go to the hair salons, can we dye our hair at home? Answer is possible. Even if you want to dye your hair Ombré. Ways and tips to dye hair at home will be shared by Blackhair101 below.

How is Balayage different from Ombré?

The first concept you should understand is the difference between Balayage and Ombré. Balayage is the technique of dyeing and Ombré is the term for a color band in the hair. Balayage is also a French word – meaning “scan”, hence baylayage is the name of a dyeing technique. When you choose to dye your hair using the Balayage technique, you can paint or lift the color according to the sweeping motion.

the girl dyed her hair ombré

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Different Ombré styles

Classic ombré

Classic ombré is the effect of the color range from dark to light. Meanwhile, the different color gamut gradually fuse, providing a transition from one color to another. The dark color will be at the base of the hair, gradually spreading slightly to the middle and reaching the lightest level of the tail.

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the girl dyed her hair in pink ombré

If you know how to match colors, Ombré hairstyles still ensure femininity and gentleness for you. Photo: Getty Images.

Dip-dye Ombré

Dip-dye Ombré is a bolder combination between the colors. For example you can mix yellow and pink dyes together, or Ombré on black under pink / red. In general, this is a mix of floating and impromptu colors, with no emphasis on soft transitions.

hair dye ombré personality

Dip-dye Ombré hairstyle is suitable for girls with personality and style. Photo: Getty Images.

Ombré reversed

Instead of changing the color from hairline to hair tip following the principle of dark-light gradation, the reverse Ombré style gives you the opposite effect.

The girl dyed her hair ombré reversed

Ombré reversed hair style. Photo: shinukudasai.

How to dye hair Ombré at home

Identify the section of hair you want to change the color of

The color-changing segment (which determines where the color starts and ends) is just as important as choosing the color of the hair. If you apply the dye too high, for example near the roots of your hair, it looks the same as if your hair has “grown” from the base of a new color. The color shift effect will no longer be noticeable in this case. Usually, Ombré dyes will show up more easily on longer hair. However, short-haired girls can still apply this style if they know how to be a little skillful.

One suggestion for you to dye your own Ombré at home for the first time: identify the intersection between the two hair colors at the jawbone position.

Notice the gradation

It is also important to note that the intensity of the color in your hair will depend on your natural hair texture. The first time you dye your hair at home, it’s a good idea to do a few experiments before you actually dye it. Apply the dye to a small section of hair and let it sit for about 25 minutes to see the gradation. After that, check the hair every 5 minutes. If this is your first time trying to dye your hair with a lighter tone than your real hair, simply wipe the dye off a small portion of hair with your gloved finger after 25 minutes.

Once you understand the reaction to the color of your hair, you will know how to time the dye appropriately.

Steps for dyeing Ombré

Divide hair into sections

Divide the hair in half from the back, then divide each side into two separate sections and fixed with a speculum clip. So you have 4 neatly divided hair sections. If you have thick hair, you can divide it into more sections.


Comb the hair from the root to the position where you want to start the Ombré dye. This is to create a certain boundary between the part of the natural hair and the part of the hair that will be dyed.

Apply the dye

Apply the dye one after the other on the split sections. Start applying the medication from the position you have defined as the starting point, carefully ending where you want it to be the intersection of the two hair colors.

Apply the dye so that all fibers are evenly covered. You should make small pieces of hair so that the dye is evenly spread over your hair. For a nice effect, cover your hair with vertical lines. If you want a better effect, tilt the brush horizontally to cover the surface of the hair more strands and create a sharper contrast. Cover the applied hair sections with strips of foil of the respective length.

dye hair ombré at home

Cover the applied hair sections with strips of foil of the respective length. Photo: Shutterstock.

When you’re done, check in the mirror to make sure your hair has been fully dyed. You can leave two mirrors behind your head for a better view or ask someone else to check it for you.

Wait for the hair to color

Leave the medication in your hair for the recommended length of time on the dye container. This is usually around 25 to 45 minutes depending on how much Ombré contrast you want to achieve. If you’re not sure how long to leave a dye on, or it’s your first time experimenting with a lighter color, simply wipe it off a small portion of hair with your gloved finger after 25 minutes. If your hair doesn’t look bright enough, reapply the mixture in one part and keep growing until you reach the desired level of ombré intensity.

Rinse clean

When your hair has turned into the desired color, wash it thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Note that gloves are not yet removed. When caring for Ombré dyed hair, opt for specialized products for dyed hair.

girl with ombré dyed hair

Self-coloring Ombré hair at home will bring you many exciting experiences. Photo: Kadda.

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