Have you tried the Mayonnaise hair mask yet?

From the ingredients that make up the flavor of the fatty sandwich, what makes Mayonnaise a favorite hair mask?

As you type in the Google search bar about natural hair masks, the results come up with a range of recipes ranging from honey, fresh milk, yogurt to aloe. They are all natural, safe, easy-to-use and effective products for smooth, smooth hair.

However, among the ingredients of natural hair masks, the appearance of Mayonnaise makes most people surprised, including women. Because, Mayonaise is widely known as an important ingredient in the flavor of delicious, fatty sandwiches on the street or in restaurants. Few people know that Mayonnaise is also a natural hair-nourishing mask that helps smooth hair, which is popular with beauty followers around the world. In this article, please read with Blackhair101 to explore the uses and use of Mayonnaise mask suitable for each hair problem.

Mayonnaise hair mask helps nourish hair.

Mayonnaise hair mask is both safe and healthy and smooth. Photo: Unsplash.


The main recipe for making Mayonnaise includes vegetable oil, eggs, vinegar and lemon juice. All of these ingredients are known to be great ingredients for hair masks. Vegetable oil, eggs, vinegar or lemon juice all work to help increase the moisture in the hair, making it shinier and softer. These ingredients will improve hard dry hair as they tend to make hair richer in moisture.

The girl with beautiful long hair

Mayonnaise hair mask provides high moisture, making hair smooth. Photo: Unsplash.

Reduce hair frizz

Usually, curly hair comes in two forms: natural fluffy hair or fluffy hair due to damage. The main reason is because hair lacks moisture, lacks nutrients or is damaged by bad agents, hair gradually loses weight and is easily ruffled out of the hairline at any time. After being supplied with enough moisturizer by Mayonnaise’s vegetable oils, eggs, vinegar and lemon, your hair tends to become less frizzy and smoother. In addition, eggs in Mayonnaise also add nutrients of silk protein to help restore damaged hair areas to become healthy and shiny.

Girl with damaged hair, ruffled cotton.

Mayonnaise hair mask has the ability to reduce hair fluff. Photo: Unsplash.

Promotes hair growth

Mayonnaise hair mask is also known as a natural “medicine” to promote hair growth. Mayonnaise contains an amino acid called L-cysteine. It is an amino acid that plays an important role in the structure of proteins in the body, plays an important role in the synthesis of new proteins. We all know the main ingredient that makes up the structure of skin and hair is protein. Healthy protein will make your hair and nails harder. With the addition of L-Cystine, women can have stronger, smoother hair.

Girl with hair loss, upset.

Hair will become strong from the inside thanks to the ingredients in Mayonnaise. Photo: Unsplash.

Mayonnaise hair mask recipe

How to apply the Mayonnaise hair mask is quite simple. First, wet your hair. Put an adequate amount of Mayonnaise for hair into a bowl. You can add honey, lemon juice or eggs to add nourishment to your hair. Then, apply the Mayonnaise mixture from the scalp, to the feet, and to the ends of the hair. Use a thin tooth comb through your hair to allow the mixture to penetrate into each strand of hair. Next, you use a towel or shower cap to incubate your hair for 20-30 minutes. Finally, rinse with water and conditioner as usual.

Say goodbye to dry hair with a homemade yogurt mask recipe

Say goodbye to dry hair with a homemade yogurt mask recipe

With just a few minutes of incubating hair at home, “cloud stream” will be smoother, so don’t try it.

A few notes when using Mayonnaise hair mask

For best results, you should apply a Mayonnaise hair mask once or twice a week. If your hair is too dry, frizzy, dull or badly damaged, try to keep it on overnight. To avoid getting wet, dirty pillows, you can cover a thin plastic pillow while sleeping. Make sure you are using a “full” fat Mayonnaise to get the full range of hair conditioner ingredients.

The girl is incubating her hair with a hair mask

Using a hair mask regularly improves the hair condition from within. Photo: Unsplash.

Besides, if you are on the list of allergies to the smell of Mayonnaise, remember to add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence to the hair mask before using. Keep the remainder of the mask in the refrigerator and take out enough to leave at room temperature about half an hour before the next use.

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