Is hair conditioner the perfect “savior” for damaged hair?

“The tooth is human hair”, do not let damaged hair lose your beauty.

Smooth, fluffy hair is a factor that contributes significantly to the woman’s charm. Hair styling methods such as curling, straightening, and dyeing inadvertently make hair dry, frizzy and less smooth. At this time, hair treatment cream will be the perfect “savior” to help you restore damaged hair. The article below, Blackhair101 will help you learn more about this product.

What is hair cream?

This is a hair care product that has a similar effect to a conditioner. However, the hair conditioner adds more nutrients and is deeper into the hair cuticles. From there, this product will protect the hair, prevent damage from external factors. For girls who regularly use heat methods to style their hair, it is advisable to use hair conditioner. Because, this is considered a “miracle” supplementing essential nutrients, making hair smooth and healthy from the inside out.

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Criteria to select hair treatment cream

With so many hair treatment products available today, choosing the right one is not easy. Don’t worry, let’s go over the following criteria that Blackhair101 suggests:

Hair quality

Curly or wavy hair is often prone to dryness and fraying. For this reason, make sure to give preference to hair creams with a protein content that helps soften your hair while keeping it tight.

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This is the type of hair that is easy to secrete oils, causing a sticky texture. Oily hair is caused by excessive oil glands in the scalp. For oily hair, you should only choose products with a thin texture and oil-alkaline ingredients such as green tea, ginger, rose …

In contrast to oily hair, dry hair often looks messy and lacks softness. There are many causes of dry hair, such as exposure to sunlight, improper hair care … Dry hair is the type of hair that needs the most nutrients. Therefore, a hair cream containing many moisturizing and nutritious ingredients such as coconut, butter, and olives will be the right choice.

Those whose hair is thin due to damage or loss should choose a hair treatment cream containing hair growth stimulants and hair regeneration.

How to soften hair for curling, straightening, styling hair

How to soften hair for curling, straightening, styling hair

Her hair is like a jewelry, every stylish woman wants to change it every day to suit a variety of fashion styles.

Ingredients hair treatment cream

The ingredients in hair conditioner often have many different uses, tailored to the needs of each person:

  • Collagen and protein re-structure hair, making hair strong and elastic
  • Keratin: restores damaged hair
  • Keravis: increases elasticity and strength of hair fibers
  • Panthenol is derived from vitamin B5, which is highly moisturizing, and keeps hair soft and supple
  • Almonds: Lightly moisturizing, non-sticky, suitable for oily hair
  • Argan Oil: Nourishes hair from deep inside, making hair shiny, healthy and smooth
  • Macadamia oil: restores damaged hair, increases hair elasticity
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Macadamia oil-based hairspray for healthy shine.

The scent of hair conditioner

People with a sensitive sense of smell are more likely to get irritated with a strong scent hair conditioner. Hair conditioning creams tend to be fragrant for a long time, so it’s best to choose those with a mild scent. Some pleasant scents that you can refer to such as coconut oil, argan, olive …

How to use hair conditioner

  • Clean hair with shampoo and conditioner
  • After you wash your hair, use a soft cotton towel to absorb the water in your hair.
  • Keep the hair remaining slightly moisturized, take a sufficient amount of cream
  • Apply evenly from hairline to hair ends, avoiding scalp. If your hair is thick, use a brush to keep the conditioner evenly in contact with your hair.
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  • Use a dry cotton towel to wrap hair neatly up
  • Relax for a short time then rinse with water. Note, for severely damaged, hardened hair, you should incubate for 15-20 minutes. In contrast, ordinary hair only needs to be incubated for 3 to 5 minutes.

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