Is haircut the only way to change your look?

What needs to be diagnosed before a bangs are cut? If you’re still loyal to the long, natural bangs, how do you look new on New Year’s Day?

Hair is a hairstyle capable of helping girls become magically beautiful and young. However, before deciding to cut bangs, many women still wonder how to keep the hairstyle in a beautiful state like new. In fact, what do we need to prepare so that we do not have to regret after cutting our bangs?

Psychological consistency

The decision to change hairstyles will make many people eager, but then quickly fall into a state of depression, feel regret and then go back to the long-raising process. To avoid this situation, before cutting bangs, you need to have careful consideration and see many factors before deciding to change this spectacular appearance. Ideally, carefully study bangs that match your face and your style or reputable hair salon to make an informed decision.

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Consider carefully before deciding to cut bangs is never in vain. (Photo: Daniel Apodaca / Unsplash)

Find a reputable hair salon

As mentioned above, the hairdressing base is the key factor that directly affects your hairstyle. Because the hair stylists here will rely on each client’s face, hair condition and style to create the best style. For example, if your hair is thin, it would be good with thin bangs. In case your hair is too dry, your hair will be treated before cutting to make it smoother and fluffy.

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If you are familiar with a certain hair salon, stick with it for a little longer to avoid turning your hair into a “disaster” during the coming Spring Festival. (Photo: Toa Heftiba / Unsplash)

Hair care time

Your bangs are very easy to get tangled up and lose, so you must always take the time to take care of them every day. Not simply to groom the roof very nicely, but more complicated than maintaining the neatness after obstacles such as sweat stains from wearing helmets, tangles caused by dust and other factors.

Besides, to keep the roof fluttering, every morning they have to inflate and use shaping rollers which takes a lot of effort and time. Furthermore, the bangs will grow very quickly, so she will often go to the salon if she doesn’t want them to cover her eyes.

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Consider how much time you can devote to daily bangs (Photo: Imaxtree)

Choose care products

After deciding to cut your bangs, you will have to use some suitable products to take care of. Hot weather and smog are the causes of hair to become sticky. Then dry shampoo is the perfect “savior”. However, you may not always be suitable for all products on the market, consider carefully before buying dry shampoo. Because if chosen incorrectly, it will cause dust in the product to stick to the hair, causing dry scalp, dandruff looks very unattractive and has a significant impact on health.

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(Photo: adorebeauty)

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The renewal is welcome, but if you give up the idea of ​​having your bangs cut, there are other interesting beauty options. The ways to change bangs that do not need to be trimmed, do not take much care and still have a new, extremely cute look are the Blackhair101 suggestion for girls.

The long roof turns luxurious 7/3

The flattened bangs trend has never gone out of style in the past few years. Just use a blow-dryer and shape with a styling gel and you will look elegant and luxurious. The half-covered roof helps to increase both the charm and create a more balanced face.

bangs 5

(Photo: Imaxtree)

bangs 6

Alternatively, you can take a portion of the front hair fixed with a toothpick hidden behind your ears and cover the back hair for a softer look. (Photo: Imaxtree)

Braided bangs

Let’s “elevate” your bangs by braiding them. This hairstyle is often applied to give girls a youthful, lovely look. The hair plait helps the bangs tidy and creates an accent for the natural, less boring hairstyle.

bangs 7

(Photo: Imaxtree)

bangs 8

Elegant and romantic puffing French hairstyles, for smart girls. (Photo: Imaxtree)

The bangs are pulled back

With the front hair neatly pulled back with a glossy effect, this hairstyle enhances the contours of the face while creating a stylish, elegant and stylish look. This hairstyle is suitable for many styles from streetwear to parties.

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(Photo: Imaxtree)

bangs 10

The tangled roof for her special personality. (Photo: Imaxtree)

Use accessories

To look slimmer and cooler, use a hair clip or a light-edged headband for even more beautiful hair. Currently, the trend of hair accessories such as pearl scratches, color toothpicks has returned to make fashion trends. Gentle, fragile is that but hair accessories always make many girls “fascinated” looking.

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(Photo: Imaxtree)

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Simple multi-color scratches easily make you more fashionable if you know how to combine (Photo: Imaxtree)

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