Korean beauties promote beauty thanks to short haircut

Girls have an incentive to cut their hair shorter when they see the following beauties!

Thinking these Korean beauties with long hair are already shimmering, it is unexpected that when they cut their hair short, they “cause love” with their beauty can not be sweeter!

Jeonghwa (EXID)

Last October, EXID’s maknae-Janghwa surprised fans by deciding to change the familiar long hair image with shoulder-length short hair. Although she regretted her long old hair, the fans still praised her for this change.

2 stars welding short hair

Jeonghwa decided to cut his long hair for years.

3 stars welding short hair

Jeonghwa’s lovely and cold beauty with short hair. Photo: jeonghwa_0508

20 stars short hair welding

The new hairstyle makes Jeonghwa younger and more active. Photo: answerjeonghwa

34 stars welding short hair

Jeonghwa’s sweet appearance right now. Photo: jeonghwa_0508


Originally, Sulli with long hair had a prettier face than her body, but it was not until the former member of f (x) cut her hair short, the arrogant temperament of a new princess.

01 star welding short hair

Short split-bangs and curls help to highlight Sulli’s arrogant lines.

04 stars welding short hair

The “SM princess” aura. Photo: jelly_jilli

06 stars welding short hair

Photo: @AffxtionGlobal

33 stars welding short hair

Sulli is full of arrogance and nobility when she has short hair. Photo: kpopline

Shin Min Ah

At the age of 34, “fox” Shin Min Ah becomes more and more salty and sharp. Along with the change in physique and taste, Shin Min Ah also boldly cut short hair to change the new image.

06 stars welding short hair

Shin Min Ah short haircut changed image.

13 stars welding short hair

The new hairstyle gives her a more refined and youthful beauty. Photo: annyeongoppa

11 stars welding short hair

The look that makes Shin Min Ah’s heart passionate. Photo: annyeongoppa

12 stars welding short hair

With just a little red lipstick, Shin Min Ah also stands out in a light, curly bob hairstyle. Photo: Koreaboo

As a woman, there must be a short haircut in life

As a woman, there must be a short haircut in life

When cutting short hair, you will renew yourself, bring a stylish, trendy and personality look but not lose the “exclusive” femininity of …


Returning to the small screen with the movie “While You Were Sleeping”, Suzy is not afraid to change her image with short hair. Short bob hair with rain hair that matches the character of Nam Hong Joo character who is a bit childish, playful. At the same time, thanks to this short hair, “National Oil Love” is considered to become a much stronger personality.

08 stars welding short hair

09 stars welding short hair

Photo: asiachan

short-term short-term 111

Suzy appeared with short hair in the movie “While You Were Sleepin”.

Kim Ji-won

Lieutenant Kim Ji Won’s bob hairstyle gives her a delicate, sophisticated and extremely attractive beauty.
19 stars welding short hair

23 stars welding short hair

She always changes her short hairstyle, ranging from short, curly hair … Photo: Kingkong

Korean Star 099

… to the short, straight, parting hairstyle!


Although it suits her long hair, when IU has short hair is the “top” image of her career. IU’s plump face, porcelain white skin and innocent, affectionate lines are perfect for short hair.

18 stars welding short hair

16 stars welding short hair

IU has a short, simple hairstyle, but has a strange charm. Photo: onehallyu

Korean short hair stars 087

Many fans believe that short hair is born for IU.

Yoona (SNSD)

Though the reason for Yoona’s short haircut was just because her old hair was damaged a lot. But obviously, this split-crowned bob hairstyle has helped Yoona rank her beauty up a notch. Yoona looks more and more salty and seductive.

15 stars welding short hair

Instead of the image of a girl with long, wavy and sweet hair, Yoona becomes more personality and strong thanks to her short haircut.

14 stars welding short hair

She appears in any frame and angle with a haughty temperament. Photo: Kpopline

Korean star 076

Yoona asserted that her “beauty level” when she has long or short hair, is not deadly.

Hopefully after seeing the Korean star series more beautiful thanks to short haircut. The girls who are looking to change their hairstyles will be bold in refreshing themselves. Do not hesitate to cut your hair short for fear of not fitting your face. There are many short hairstyles to choose from, surely short hairstyles suitable for you will always bring you beauty both personality and elegance. Hair grows again, but youth does not come twice. What are young people afraid of without trying?

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