Korean curly hairstyles bring out a gentle and trendy look

In addition to the makeup style like smog, curly hair is a beauty trend that is enthusiastically “promoted” by Korean girls.

Wavy curly hair has long become a popular Korean hairstyle. Korean muses, especially famous stars – always love the same hairstyle when appearing in public. Feminine beauty and elegance are the strengths that help this hairstyle keep the “king” and never become out of date. Do you also want to have a gentle and trendy look like them? So let’s Blackhair101 Discover the most popular Korean curly hairstyles.

Korean curly hairstyle-White shirt girl.

The curly hair is always the hairstyle that is loved by Korean girls. Photo: Instagram @sora_pppp.

Elegant curling waves

If you are a lady pursuing elegance and elegance, this is the hairstyle for you. Like enchanting ripples, curly hair gives her an extremely charming and graceful beauty. You are free to choose the size of the curl. Revealing that the tiny wavy shape can create a thicker and fluffy effect for the hair, suitable for thin-haired girls.

Moreover, this curly Korean hairstyle also has the ability to “hack” age very effectively. Recently, wavy curly hair has been “promoted” again thanks to the cult film Crash Landing on You. Appearing as the female lead, Son Ye Jin made viewers admire her youthful appearance. At the age of 37, the actress still retains a fresh beauty, like the first days of her debut. And curly wavy hairstyle is one of the secrets to help her “cheat age”. Curled hair combined with light brown color enhances the white complexion, while bringing a youthful look to Son Ye Jin.

Pasta curly hair – A blend of personality and classic beauty

In recent times, spaghetti hair is becoming a prominent hairstyling trend. The curly curls bring the girls a mischievous look and personality. This hairstyle gives the hair fluff, making it thicker. Thanks to this feature, noodles are the “savior” for thinning hair.

In particular, in addition to the uniqueness and style, this hairstyle also carries bold classic beauty, full of poetry. Do you have bangs in this ruffled hairstyle, or be more daring, decorate with huge hair accessories.

Dynamic short curly hair

Short hair trend is gradually becoming more popular with many diverse variations. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it is suitable for all facial expressions. Among the variations, short curly hair is the choice that is loved by Korean girls. The hair brings more dynamism and personality to the girls. Especially, this hairstyle is suitable for all ages and is very easy to take care of. In addition, this is also an old “hack” technique that is often used by many Korean stars.

The secret to being younger than the real age thanks to the simple short Japanese hairstyle

The secret to being younger than the real age thanks to the simple short Japanese hairstyle

Out of countless ideas about hairstyles, short hair is definitely the perfect choice to help you “hack” the magic age.

Possesses pure beauty with curly hair and bangs

This is the hairstyle that is extremely popular with round-faced girls. The bangs are capable of concealing defects for a round face quite effectively. Let the roof help your face become more balanced and slim.

Combining curly hair with bangs creates a pure and lovely beauty for ladies. In addition, natural makeup style also contributes to rejuvenate your look.

More stylish with curly bob hair

Curly bob is currently one of the most welcome trends right now. This style created a prominent trend in both Korea and Vietnam. The hairstyle brings out the stylish beauty with a variety of variations. From light, frizzy bobs to big curls. Moreover, this hairstyle is not too picky, suitable for most face designs.

In particular, for long-faced girls, bob hair can hide the edges of the face. This helps your face become softer and more delicate. The curly bob hairstyle is loved and used by many famous stars.

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