Learn from Jennie Kim how to create beautiful hairstyles for her chubby face

Jennie (BlackPink) always knows how to refresh her image through impressive hairstyles.

Referring to Jennie Kim (BLACKPINK), people will not forget that she has a stylish fashion gout, attractive appearance and constantly renews her image. In particular, she is often praised for simple yet impressive hairstyles. Possessing a typical Asian face, plump and sweet, Jennie knows how to transform to never make fans boring.

Let’s learn how Jennie Kim creates a hairstyle to highlight the “expensive” lines of her plump face!

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1. Straight hair personality

The natural loose hairstyle helps the YG female beauty become beautiful and seductive in every photo.

Jennie Kim Black Pink beautiful hairstyle 3

Photo: @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

Although she is loyal to long hair, Jennie often changes her hair color. Possessing smooth white skin, she is not afraid to experiment with new and unique hair colors.

Jennie Kim Black Pink beautiful hairstyle 3

Photo: Koreaboo

Without elaborate styling, Jennie can still shine with her own style.

Jennie Kim Black Pink beautiful hairstyle 4

Photo: Kpopmap

Although she pursues an image of personality and charm, sometimes Jennie scores with a gentle and pure beauty.

Jennie Black Pink 19

Photo: Wykop

2. Charming curly hair

Possessing a pretty round face with chubby cheeks, Jennie (BLACKPINK) often curls slightly and lets her hair split to the sides. This will create a smoother and thinner face effect.

Jennie Black Pink 1

Photo: @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

In addition to simple straight hairstyles, curly and curly hair will increase the attractiveness of “YG chicken”.

Jennie Black Pink 4

Photo: @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

The golden brown hair color makes Jennie look extremely luxurious like a noble lady.

Jennie Black Pink 5

Photo: @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

There was a time when the rapper changed her hair with a stylish brown ombre curl.

Jennie Black Pink 15

Photo: Asiachan

3. Sweet, youthful half-hair

In addition, Jennie Kim also wears a half-hair hairstyle. With a lovely personality, this hairstyle makes the BLACKPINK vocal even more youthful. Regardless of her outfit, Jennie easily impresses with her freshness and sweetness.

Photo: @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

With a ponytail tied in the first half, Jennie often pulled the rest of her hair to the sides. This helps to conceal her chubby round face.

Jennie Black Pink 11

Photo: Jennie Jelly

The garlic bulb is mischievous and lovely, she is even younger than the real age.

Jennie Black Pink 12

Photo: YGDreamers

Jennie Black Pink 14

Photo: YGDreamers


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In exchange for the praise from the media and fans is literally sweat and tears.

4. Feminine low hair tie

The low-column braided hairstyle at the back creates an elegant beauty, but no less stylish. Whether “requisition” from shooting sessions, going to events or even performing on a big stage, Jennie perfectly transformed with this extremely feminine hairstyle.

Jennie Black Pink

Photo: @ jennierubyjane / Instagram

Her makeup gently resonated with a gentle purple outfit, Jennie was like a “princess” coming out of a fairy tale.

Jennie Black Pink 16

Photo: GramUnion

Jennie Black Pink 20

Photo: Kclive

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