Looking back at the beauty styles loved by the national football player’s girlfriend

The “pink shadows” next to the national team are always praised for their sense of care for their looks, catching up with all the most popular beauty trends.

There are only a few hours left until the AFF Cup 2018 final between Vietnam and Malaysia will take place. Everyone has high hopes on the players and is looking forward to the trophy coming back after 10 years. It’s been a long time since the cast of players has attracted so much attention from fans across the country.

In addition to football talent, the public also pays special attention to the beauty of the players. In general, it seems that the entire national team of Vietnam this year is “flower owner”. The girlfriends of the famous celebrities are all girls with radiant beauty, catching up with and even anticipating many famous beauty trends.

So which beauty style is these girls most “promoted”? Invite you to explore Blackhair101.

Horizontal eyebrows

This is a beauty style originating from the land of kimchi. Horizontal eyebrows fit almost any face. Horizontal eyebrows can be transformed into many different shapes, increasing the youthfulness of women.

beauty styles 18

Quynh Anh – girlfriend of player Do Duy Manh with a pretty and cute appearance. She is quite loyal with simple light horizontal eyebrows. Photo: Facebook Quynh Anh

Beauty style 02

Thuy Duong – girlfriend of player Huy Hung chooses a bold and sharp horizontal eyebrow type, creating an accent for his face. Photo: Facebook Thuy Duong

beauty styles 13

Khanh Linh – girlfriend of defender Bui Tien Dung quite likes a beauty style with horizontal eyebrows. Photo: Facebook Khanh Linh


The girlfriend association of Vietnamese players is at a quite young age. Therefore, their beauty styles follow the trend of youthful, fresh, especially lipstick color. The lipstick colors that these beauties are often “promoted” can be mentioned as pink, orange, magenta …

beauty style 07

Hoang Anh – the girlfriend of “the youngest” Doan Van Hau scored an impressive score with bright orange lipstick. Photo: Facebook Hoang Anh

beauty style 23

Ngoc Quyen – girlfriend of striker Tien Linh, a player who scored a goal in the match between Vietnam and Cambodia. She loves sweet and cute pink lipstick

beauty style 2004

Quynh Anh often chooses bright lip colors such as pale pink, coral orange … Photo: Facebook Quynh Anh

The industry of applying lipstick is beautiful

The industry of applying beautiful lipstick is mesmerizing from the “hot Instagrammer”

Beautiful and quick lipstick tips from celebrities on Instagram.

Natural hair trends

Besides the style of makeup, hair is also an attractive factor for the lovers of the players. Through the pictures, we can easily see their natural trend of smooth and smooth hair. Some girls choose gentle straight hair, some girls choose natural waves.

beauty styles 08

Hoang Anh is quite loyal with his natural straight black hair, his bangs up high. Photo: Facebook Hoang Anh

beauty styles 14

Khanh Linh prefers long, naturally loose black hair. Photo: Facebook Khanh Linh

beauty style 20

Quynh Anh really loves the gentle, straight shoulder-length hairstyle. Photo: Facebook Quynh Anh

Smooth white skin

The bright smile and smooth white skin are the outstanding attraction of the beautiful group next to the players. Possessing radiant and attractive beauty, these girls all have admirable smooth, rosy skin.

beauty style 01

Thuy Duong possesses admirable smooth white skin. Photo: Facebook Thuy Duong

beauty style 09

The bright face and white skin helped Hoang Anh to score impressive points in everyone’s eyes. Photo: Facebook Hoang Anh

2002 beauty style

Quynh Anh is also not inferior when she always appears with a radiant appearance and smooth porcelain white skin. Photo: Facebook Quynh Anh

beauty style 1501

Khanh Linh’s admirable smooth skin. Photo: Facebook Khanh Linh

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