Makeup and beauty trends dominate the 2018 Blackhair101 Style Awards red carpet

Not only is the high-end fashion festival, the red carpet Blackhair101 Style Awards 2018 also records the mark of the most impressive makeup trends.

The honor night of Blackhair101 Style Awards 2018 took place in a solemn and cozy atmosphere. With dress code BLACK AND WHITE and the message BE ALL YOU CAN BEThis is an opportunity for the guests to show off their impressive fashion style and unique ego. Besides, many prominent makeup trends are also “promoted” at the show.

1. Son red and earth tones

Red Son is always the perfect choice for formal events. Red tones help makeup become more attractive and noble than ever. On the other hand, the lipstick, although having a deeper tone, is leading the trend of modern and personality makeup.

At the Blackhair101 Style Awards 2018, two red and earth tones dominated the red carpet makeup trend. This is also a solid affirmation of two lip colors that have always captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts over the years.

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Yaya Truong Nhi

Photo: Yaya Truong Nhi

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Mau Thuy

Photo: Mau Thuy

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Khanh Linh The Face

Photo: Khanh Linh The Face

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Hoang Oanh

Photo: MC Hoang Oanh

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Ho Ngoc Ha

Photo: Singer Ho Ngoc Ha and actor Kim Ly

ELLE Style Awards 2018 H 'Hen Niê

Photo: Miss Universe 2017 H ‘Hen Niê

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Ai Phuong

Photo: Singer Ai Phuong

Elle Style Awards 2018 Thanh Hang

Photo: Supermodel Thanh Hang and Ha Anh Tuan

Elle Style Awards 2018 Jun Vũ

Photo: Jun Vu

Elle Style Awards 2018 Chau Bui

Photo: Chau Bui

Elle Style Awards 2018 Cha Mi

Photo: Model Cha Mi

2. Light curls and straight hair

Light curls always create a romantic, feminine feeling. Straight hairstyles bring out the classic modern blend. In particular, for straight hairstyles, they are often pulled close to the sides, pushed back to reveal the edge of the face.

Elle Style Awards 2018 Ngo Thanh Van

Photo: Ngo Thanh Van


Photo: Singer Bao Anh

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Tra Mi

Photo: Model Tra Mi

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Nha Truc

Photo: Nha Truc

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Phuong Anh Dao

Photo: Actor Phuong Anh Dao

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Min

Photo: Singer Min

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Loan Nguyen

Photo: Beauty Loan Nguyen

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Fung La

Photo: Model Fung La

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Cao Ngan

Photo: Model Cao Ngan

3. Use warm-toned eyeshadow

Instead of using familiar tones like brown, metallic gray, smoke …. Many stars have red and orange, the main color for the eyes. The texting point has helped create depth to the face and bring impressive, outstanding makeup.

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Min 1

Photo: Singer Min

ELLE Style Awards 2018

ELLE Style Awards 2018 Phi Phuong Anh

Photo: Phi Phuong Anh

Blackhair101 Style Awards is a prestigious award of Blackhair101 – the largest fashion magazine brand. The event is a place to honor individuals with many outstanding contributions and achievements in the field they are operating. Besides, these characters all possess an impressive and outstanding fashion style and are the ones who inspire viewers to love them. Blackhair101 Style Awards have appeared in many different countries under the expert advice of Blackhair101 International.

Blackhair 101 would like to thank main sponsor NIVEA Black and White, co-sponsor HUAWEI, AQUAFINA, T – Production production unit, DAINGO STUDIO MOD Productions image support unit and transmission partner through YEAH1 TV and YEAH1 NETWORK.

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