Minutes of transformation with beautiful and creative hairstyles

Some nice hair ties you can do to change your style during the last months of the year.

Busy work takes up a lot of time and makes you forget to take care of yourself. How to confidently go out with hair that has not been washed yet? Let Blackhair101 suggest beautiful and easy-to-do hairstyles that keep your hair neat and beautiful.

Break with hair “garlic bulb” high bun

beautiful hairstyle 01

The “garlic bulb” hairstyle must be very familiar to many girls, but to break a little bit, you can use a braid around the image above to create accents for the bun. This is a beautiful hairstyle and suitable for evening gown dresses to help you skillfully show off her long, white and seductive neck.

Hair buns around the head

Beautiful hair style 02

If you don’t like your buns too tight to make your head look smaller, you can try a bun around your head. This is a hair tie that makes your head look evenly round and balanced with your body. In particular, these beautiful hairstyles are also suitable for luxurious outfits.

The back bun is charming

beautiful hairstyle 03

A ponytail really has nothing to say if you try to twist the sides and then combine them as shown above, so you can transform the ponytail to simply add more grace.

Rose hair buns

beautiful hairstyle 04

With just a few simple movements such as a knot and a hairpin, you can completely transform this low-bun hairstyle into a very vivid rose on the back of your head!

High-curled ponytail

Beautiful hair style 05

It’s nothing special if you just wear a regular braid. But now, if you want to be more comfortable and tidy, able to clip the ends of your hair upwards, your hair not only looks more eye-catching, but also cool.

10 beautiful hairstyles

10 beautiful hairstyles “stir up” the year-end party

Let’s join Blackhair101 to learn beautiful hairstyles that are easy to perform but extremely impressive to help you “shine” in the year-end parties and Christmas …


beautiful hairstyle 06

This high-rise but rolled-in hairstyle is one of the beautiful tie hairstyles hair salons use to style the ladies going to the party. Prepare a quality hair-curler that will contour your hair while maintaining its natural shine. With the above instructions, you absolutely can do it at home, right?

Bow tie in hair

beautiful hairstyle 07

Surely you do not forget these beautiful hairstyles were once popular when promoted by Lady Gaga? This is also one of the beautiful and simple hairstyles that you can easily do at home.

Thickening ponytails

Beautiful hairstyles 08

If you have long, thin, thin hair, try this high bun. Still a regular ponytail, but you can divide it into 2 parts: top and bottom ends. This will make your hair look longer and thicker when it’s done.

Create puffy hair

beautiful hairstyle 09

Did you realize that this is just a normal half-bun hairstyle? But just use a toothpick, gently push the hair up, you will have puffy hair and look thicker.


beautiful hairstyles 10

Regular pigtails won’t make any difference if you’re a little creative. To curl up, it will be more neat and dynamic like other beautiful hairstyles.

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