Predicting 4 notable beauty trends throughout 2020

2020 welcomes the beauty trend that develops in the direction of sustainability, safety for users, suitable for modern living environment and optimizing personal beauty equipment.

The growing development of science and technology significantly affects the new beauty trend around the world. 2020 starts a new year with sustainable skin care trends. Beauty products not only meet the basic needs of beautiful skin, applying technology is only effective when bringing healthy skin from the inside out. The spirit of beauty covers many factors that have not been opened before, paying special attention to the impact from the living environment and the influence brought by the spirit.

beauty trends dominate the year 2020

In the new year, let’s join Blackhair101 in anticipating the beauty trends that will dominate throughout 2020. Photo: Unsplash.

If you are a beauty believer, do not just count steps in your daily skincare cycle. Listen to your body and skin for what needs to be met. At the same time, receiving the development of new technology applications to help you partly repel the scary signs of aging.

1. Microbiome – The beauty trend is exploding

Throughout 2019, the number of searches for the keyword “Microbiome” increased by 110%, demonstrating the interest of users for this concept. Micorbiome – technology of skin microbiology – is no longer a distant concept for those who care about skin health and beauty. There are trillions of organisms on the surface of our skin, none of us have the same microbiome. Therefore, research on skin microbiota is considered the pathway to healthy skin.

microbiome in Lancôme Genifique - the beauty trend 2020

New generation Lancôme Advanced Génifique with superior Microbiome technology.

Scientists have mentioned the Microbiome for about 10 years and are evolving through the product lines that come to market. Specifically, scientists have found a way to nurture beneficial microbiome strains for the body. When strains of beneficial microorganisms develop, they will contribute to compete, inhibit, and inhibit strains of microorganisms that are harmful and dangerous to the body. As a result, 2019 marks the presence of the new generation Lancôme Advanced Génifique skincare essence.

2. The intersection between beauty and mental health

The application of the Microbiome and the Vegan Beauty trend in skincare is proof that the beauty and wellness world is inextricably linked. The beauty message in today’s era has gradually come to perfection in both beauty and fitness. Tips on how to take care of yourself have received a lot of attention and received with the increasing rate of searches on the internet. In 2020, it is predicted that the new beauty trend will bring beauty care products that include the ability to soothe the spirit to new heights.

The most prominent beauty movement in 2020. Photo: Getty Images.

The buying habits of millennials are said to have increased their interest in beauty products that include psychotherapy in a report in the magazine. Fashionista in 2019. Accordingly, the young generation is fond of cosmetic brands that give them moments of relaxation, the opportunity to stimulate their senses through beauty products that support physical, mental and emotional health. .

Revlon x Gurls Talk collection - a collaboration between Relvon and its brand ambassador - Adwoa Aboah

Revlon x Gurls Talk collection – a collaboration between Relvon and its brand ambassador – Adwoa Aboah

The Revlon x Gurls Talk is a collection of three vibrant colors that highlight three issues that are important to women when they are brought into non-judgmental discussions: mental health, sexuality, and social media. . The message from the Revlon brand in the collection Revlon x Gurls Talk – The combination of Relvon and its brand ambassador – Adwoa Aboah more or less tells the development trend of beauty brands in the coming time.

Adwoa Aboah said of this limited collection the following: “This natural collaboration will bring about conversations about the positivity of the body, about women’s health and mental health – and I hope hope to continue this conversation for the rest of my life ”. Kit from this special collection includes nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow or lip gloss, exclusively under the direction of Aboah.

Mindful Mani – Self-care campaign with the desire to create a time for yourself to be born when the concept of “Mindfulness” is put on the list of special interest by young people. This campaign was launched by Treatwell – the beauty services company in the UK in Mental Health Awareness Month 2019 and received remarkable success. Besides manicuring appointments, Treatwell statistics show that demand for massage services has grown 40% year over year, proving that today’s users are willing to pay more for pedicure services. Dear.

Why are Millennials in Asia willing to spend so much money on skin care?

Why are Millennials in Asia willing to spend so much money on skin care?

Beautiful skin makes young people in Asia feel much more confident when taking selfies.

3. Skin care against pollution

If the lesson of sun protection has been pervasive in our beauty stories all the time since we were little boys, today, anti-pollution skin care has become a similarly important topic. Using anti-pollution products in the skincare cycle is not just part of sales campaigns from big cosmetic brands. Anti-pollution skincare products gradually become an indispensable prerequisite in the context of increasingly polluting environments. The latest statistics show that up to 91% of the world population is living in an atmosphere that exceeds the limits allowed by the World Health Organization. 4.2 million deaths a year are caused by exposure to polluted outdoor air.

beauty trend when the environment is polluted

If sunscreen is No. 1 among skin care products, then anti-pollution products will come in second place. Photo: Unsplash.

The skin is the main “membrane” between the body and its surroundings. As a result, the effects of road traffic pollutants, electricity generation, gas from industrial and agricultural wastes severely impact fragile skin. The number of people with skin diseases such as acne and premature aging is increasing due to the unsatisfactory environment. If you only use sunscreen, fear that is not enough to fully protect your skin. In order to minimize the negative effects on the skin, start to pay attention to and use nourishing products containing anti-pollution ingredients.

If you care about your skin, it’s never too early for preventive treatments and products.

4. Development of skin care equipment

Personal beauty devices are getting smarter. The widespread skin care boom opens up many other treatment directions for the skin. The global beauty device market grows in diversity with innovations from industry giants. However, technology devices are not just independent skin care features. According to new developments, beauty equipment is

For example, the cosmetics group L’Oréal. Years of pursuing research in technology, L’Oréal launches wearable to monitor skin pH in 2019. L’Oréal indicates different skin pH levels that can cause inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and dryness. The company wants dermatologists to use the data on the new device to create health plans and empower users to learn about their own skin.

L'Oréal skin pH monitoring device - one of the new beauty trends

L’Oréal skin pH monitoring device.

Other major cosmetic brands like P&G, Johnson & Johnson and Shiseido are also not out of the game. Optune is a skin care system designed under the IoT concept by Shiseido. Optune directly realizes skin care personalization by combining digital technology with scientific research and advanced skin beauty. This is user-friendly mobile application Use AI to analyze a user’s skin condition and then create a personalized form of skin care.

modern beauty trend from technology

Optune is a skin care system designed under the IoT concept by Shiseido.

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