Radiant Spring day with braided hairstyles when wearing ao dai

To stand out more in the long flowing ao dai, braided hair is a great choice for ladies.

The flowing ao dai is always a unique feature of the traditional Tet holiday in Vietnam. This is an opportunity that the muses can freely wear ao dai and show off their shy beauty. To highlight the charms of women more, Blackhair101 would like to suggest you the unique braided hairstyles to combine with Ao Dai on Spring.

Braids-Girl holding lotus flower.

Braided hair brings a gentle, loving touch to the muses. Photo: Pexels.

French Braids (French New Year)

French braids is a classic hairstyle inspired by luxurious French ladies. This hairstyle looks quite complicated, but when you start to do it, you will find the braiding process very simple.


  • Use turns to untangle and smooth hair. If you have curly hair, use hands instead of turns to avoid damaging the hairstyle.
  • Start by taking a large section of hair from the center of the top of your head to split the hair.
  • Use your finger or rat-tail comb to divide the large hair into three sections. Be careful to divide the hair so that the parts are equal.
  • Tie your hair in the basic way. However, in the process of tying there will be an extra step of hair. Before knitting the sides in turn, add a little bit of hair to the sides before knitting.
  • Continue doing the above until all your hair is tied, then tie it back with an elastic band.

Dutch Braids (Dutch Braids)

Dutch braids are also known as French braids. Dutch braids bring a young, lovely, and lovely style to girls. In addition, the braiding steps are also quite simple and do not take much time.


  • Troubleshooting and smooth brushing.
  • Use your hands to take a portion of hair from the top of your head then divide it into three parts.
  • Turn the side hair down the middle of the middle hair in order from right to left.
  • Similar to French braids, additional hair is added between the steps of knitting.
  • Continue working for the length you want, then tie your hair with an elastic band.

Fishtail Braids (Fishtail Braids)

For girls who pursue a gentle, arrogant style, this is definitely the hairstyle on their favorite list. Fishtail braids give you an attractive look without taking up too much time.


  • Take a small curl on the left side and run it through the left part. Then put this curl into the right hair.
  • Gently pull the two hair sections to hold them in place.
  • Continue to add one more curl on the right side and repeat the above steps.
  • Take turns repeating the steps until the ends of your hair, then tie it up with an elastic band.

[06 ngày trước Tết] Dazzling Xuan with beautiful hairstyles when wearing ao dai

[06 ngày trước Tết] Dazzling Xuan with beautiful hairstyles when wearing ao daiSuggest charming hairstyles when combined with ao dai, helping her to be “deadly beautiful” in every frame.

Halo Crown Braid (Crown Braid hairstyle)

This Tet style is very suitable for ladies in luxury and aristocratic style. With this hairstyle, she can transform into princesses coming out of a romantic, classic love story.


  • Use a comb to divide your hair.
  • Practice the Dutch Tetraints from the nape of the left head upwards and around the side of your head.
  • After completing one side, continue tying the other side from the top of the head down to the other side. Tie the ends together with rubber bands.

Fishtail Flower Braid (Flower braid)

This is an interesting variation of the new type of fishtail braids. This new year is not only unique but also brings a gentle beauty to you.


  • Divide the center of the hair.
  • Style the ends of each side of your hair. Note only to the middle of each section.
  • Wrap the two braids together to create a flower shaped bun and fix it with a toothpick.
  • Continue to get a new section of hair below the bun and braid the fishtail. Then tie it with elastic band.

Waterfall Braid (Waterfall hairstyle)

Waterfall braid is a very popular tie and is loved by women. This method helps her hair to bob and curl like water.


  • Divide the center of the hair.
  • Take two thin curls from the side side, then place the outer one on the other.
  • Take a small curl from the left side and near the top of the head and place it on the other two strands.
  • Drop the curl just taken down so it is between the other two strands.
  • Continue to add more curls near the top of the head and drop between the two curls for a waterfall effect.
  • Repeat this for the first half of the body.
  • Tear off the rest of the hair, fix it with a toothpick and hide it inside.

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