Refresh yourself with 5 beautiful hairstyles loved by Hollywood stars

The end of the year is near, have you been able to test the following beautiful hair styling trends?

This is the last chance to refresh yourself before the year of 2019. Simply by changing your hairstyle, you have the perfect make-over for the epic old year farewell parties. Let Blackhair101 take a look at 5 cool, beautiful hairstyles trends that are worth trying before this new year.

Test 5 stylish beautiful hairstyles before the New Year

1. Bold retro curly hair

Hair styling in a nostalgic style has been raining all the time. At the end of this year, the retro trend is back to the ground with a curly curly hairstyle. If you keep your boring natural curly hair all year long and are ready for a new experience, don’t be shy about mastering the festival season with daring curls that rocked 80’s parties.

beautiful curly hairstyle

2. Luxurious straight straightener

Get your hair tractor ready for this next look. Just straightening your hair straight, plus the use of serum and hair conditioner, you have a beautiful hairstyle like high-end fashion models.

Possessing floating hair springs with the secret of choosing the right hair oil

Possessing floating hair springs with the secret of choosing the right hair oil

Oil hair care is the first solution to healthy and beautiful hair. What kind of hair conditioner is right for you?

A tip for you: Use a clean curl brush (similar to a mascara brush) and apply a little hairspray to bring the strands of hair into smooth lines.

Beautiful hair straightener

3. Emphasize hair with ribbons

Bows and ribbons are not just for young girls. By experimenting with fresh textiles like leather and velvet, you can turn your basic ponytail into an impressive “red carpet” version. Maybe just a velvet headband or a bow clip from gentle ribbon, you have or a lovely highlight for your minimalistic hair.

beautiful hairstyle with ribbon

For a more personal look, you can also try braiding with dynamic ribbons like IU’s hairstyle applied in the MV. Bbibbi.

4. Classic puffy hair

Another classic retro hairstyle was nominated. This classic puffy hair gives you a classy look. Brush your hair that has been sprayed and flipped back, and with a large headband, you have a very elegant and classic hairstyle. You can also tie all of your long hair to show off the elegant beauty of your face.

beautiful hairstyle puff

5. Bardot bangs

If you want to cut your bangs, check out the bangs inspired by legendary actress Brigitte Bardot. This chic hairstyle has the ability to “compliment” most facial shapes. Natural bulging and gentle splits will reveal your forehead subtly. Whether you have long or short hair, curly or straight, tied tall or loose, this bangs can go well with it.

beautiful hairstyles bardot bangs

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